Fight Club Lesson No. 2

“With enough soap, you can blow up the world.” Tyler Durden.

Really?  Not like I am going to try because I outgrew my pyromaniac stage at about 15, roughly same time I got seriously into chemistry and nuclear physics.  John Aristotle Philips into it.  But it makes you wonder.

What else can you create out of need, with some intelligence, knowledge, creativity, and desire?  Not likePhilo in UHF “Today we are going to make plutonium from common household items”, but taking the constraints of a situation and making something awesome out of it?

There is a story about Napolean that when he won at Kiev he wanted a celebration but supplies were running low.  There was almost no spices, just some chicken and old oranges and the like.  Instead of losing his head (literally, for the French contributed the guillotine to the world!), the chef looked at what he had and came up with a brand new dish: Chicken Kiev.  Napolean was pleased, but still short with the cook (good joke, snare drum, everybody laugh).

So do not worry about what you don’t have,focus on what you do have and use it to create something great.