Troop 2 wins Klondike Derby

Pictured from L-R: Drake McDonough, Adam Comp, Dylan Hurtt, Lucas Aviles (back) Brenden O' connell, Brandon Schmidt, Michael Bucholtz, Justin Moore, Matt MacWatters (back), Tyler Schmidt, Joey Luger. Photo submitted.

The annual Boy Scout Klondike Derby was held earlier this month, Feb. 4 and Feb. 5 at Camp Boyhaven in Middle Grove. The Klondike Derby is a yearly Boy Scouting event involving 16 activities, each with a different scouting theme.

Activities challenge the boys skills in areas such as fire building, shelter building, simulated first aid, ice rescue, multiple construction events during which patrols must use different knots and rope lashings to build structures. This year’s Klondike also featured a replica fur trappers camp, which displayed antique Revolutionary and Civil War era firearms, as well as a demonstration on fire building using flint and steel.

Additionally, the boys must hoist a heavy sled, known as a sledge, into the air. Sledges are used by the patrols to transport materials needed for the events, and are used in the most competitive event: the Sledge Race.

All the events are an opportunity for competing patrols to demonstrate ingenuity,  teamwork, leadership and cooperation.

This year, approximately 16 Boy Scout troops, further split into patrols of 6 boys, from all over New York State participated in the weekend events. Troop 2 from Ballston Spa sent 2 patrols,the Owls led by Senior Patrol Leader Lucas Aviles and the Dragons led by Asst. Senior Patrol Leader Matt MacWatters. The Owls scored first place overall with 225 out of a possible 240 points. The Dragons scored a close second place, with 222 points, in addition to winning the sledge race.

Troop 2 has won the annual Klondike Derby for the past 4 year.