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News has been a little slow around here the past few weeks, so I thought it might be a chance to answer some of the questions in the ol’ Village Voice Mailbox lately.

Q: Where has the Ballston Spa football team been?

A: Well, due to some tough scheduling, they have been all over the Capital Region, having played three straight games on the road. Fortunately, they have won all of those, to go along with their thrilling come from behind win over Guilderland in their home opener four weeks ago. As such, they now sit undefeated, and tied at the top of the Empire Division with mighty (and unscored upon) Shenendehowa. The Scotties will play host to the Plainsmen this Friday in what is clearly the game of the week in local high school football. It will also be the last chance to see Shen’s classy Head Coach Brent Steurwald, who is stepping down after 45 years on the job. Unless, of course, these two teams meet up again in The Super Bowl. I have a feeling it will be a fun night at The House on Friday.

Q: What’s up with 17 Low St; why is it still vacant?

A: Ah, you mean what everyone still refers to as the Manna’s Property? I wish I knew. It has been vacant well over a year, even though it was sold in May. When I spoke then with new building owner Tara Stone, she was excited about the possibilities for the property, telling me she was hoping to have someone use her new building as a banquet facility, similar to how it was used prior. Here’s hoping there will be something in there soon, as it is quite possibly the best location in the village for a business, due to the parking lot.

Q: Why didn’t the Democrats put up a candidate for Supervisor in Milton?

A: An excellent question, especially given their strong showing in the election two years ago. I guess they were waiting to see who won the Republican primary. The timing of their caucus the next day was not a coincidence. If Frank Thompson had won, I think the Dems would have put up a candidate for supervisor, especially since Dan Lewza already had the Independence and Conservative endorsements. A three-way race would have been intriguing. But, Lewza won the Republican vote easily, which must have satisfied the Democrats. Immediately after the election results were announced, in talking to people at the Republican Primary, I got the sense they also did not think there would be any opposition for the supervisor’s post in November. There will, however, be a few Democratic candidates on the ballot in November for other positions, including their 2009 Supervisor candidate, Meg Stevens, who is running for Town Clerk this time.

Q: What’s the latest with GLOBALFOUNDRIES?

A: Well, after a pretty smooth first year or so of the construction phase, the past few months have been a bit rockier. In June, GLOBAL expressed a desire to build a second chip manufacturing plant in the Luther Forrest Technology Campus, right next to the current building. They asked New York State for $1 billion in enticements to do so. Given the current condition of the state’s economy, Governor Cuomo said no. Shortly thereafter, there was an incident in which a former employee got past the new security firm on site and assaulted a worker. Most recently, there have been several complaints from their Malta neighbors about the incessant noise of the construction project. Seems the workers are not using the entrance they are suppose to use, too. So, while the final impact of GLOBAL will no doubt provide untold benefits to the local economy for years to come, it hasn’t been smooth sailing lately.

We’ll end the letters session, with this missive sent in from a concerned reader in East Glenville:

Q: Dear Sam, have you been eating right? You look a little pale in your column picture.

A: Uhm, thanks for the concern, mom. I’ll try to mix in a few more fruits and vegetables.


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