Real Property Office: Bid made on Ralph St. house

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A bid has placed to purchase the house at 48 Ralph St., a residence again, this year, cleaned up by the Village of Ballston Spa due to non-compliance with a number of village safety codes.

According to information from a representative at the Real Property Tax Service Agency in Saratoga County, a bid has been placed through the county, now the sovereign entity regarding the property, although specifics will not be available to the public until the deal is completed and the approved by county officials. No transaction is final until it is approved.

“I’m aware that someone had put a bid in,” said Village Mayor John Romano, who said he sympathizes with the difficult situation.

The house went up for bid in September.

Susan Sokowski, who lived in the house, was cited numerous times over the last few years for safety code non-compliance, and the village brought the house to code at Solkowski’s expense.

A number of health and safety violations have been cited, including a structurally unsound garage, garbage and waste material in the yard and overgrown vegetation.

Sokowski and her council have been afforded a number of opportunities to come to the village board and address the matter, and in August, a postponement on the clean-up was scheduled. Sokowski, nor her lawyer, attended the meeting.

Romano said several church groups have been working with Sokowski to help address some of the issues.

“It’s comforting to know people have been working with her,” he said.

He also said Sokowski was a frequent victim of vandalism and mischief, noting passers-by often throw fast-food wrappers and other debris in her yard.

“This is not an easy thing to do,” Romano said in an earlier interview regarding the decision to move ahead to clean the property. “She’s a nice individual, she really is, but we have to consider the best interests of the village as a whole.”

At press time, where Sokowski, will live is a matter of speculation, as well as the price of the home.

Romano said more information will become available once the county, the lead agency in the sale of the home, makes the transaction final.


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