In Part One of a four-part series, Robert J. Braathe of Braathe Enterprises offers some tips on using your website to grow your small business.


Have you given thought to why people aren’t walking in the door or calling you as much as they used to? Sometimes it can be the simplest of things that cause businesses to decline or lose traffic.

Think about your current website and ask yourself the following questions:

Does it inspire action? A website that inspires action has fresh, active content on a regular basis. Fresh active content means blog posts, updates to your site, and regular activity including video, audio, pictures and more.

Robert Braathe of Braathe Enterprises. Photo courtesy Robert J. Braathe

If you don’t make the time to update your own site, you need to find the time or find good assistance in the form of a copywriter or blogger to assist you in developing fresh, active, engaging content.

Does it work on a mobile device? More and more traffic is moving to mobile; if your site has too much flash content, too many graphics, or improperly formatted video, you may not be ready to be on mobile. Nowadays, it is too easy and inexpensive to have a mobile plug-in on your site that can easily format your page appropriately, depending on the device.

Whether you want a completely different version of your site or a stripped down version for your mobile users, WordPress allows for a number of options so your site can be visible in all its glory on any device or browser.

Is it search engine friendly? WordPress offers tools that enable you to control how the search engines see your site. I use WordPress SEO by Yoast to help create search engine friendly titles, keywords and descriptions for each page.

Using a tool called Google Keyword Tool can assist you in identifying the more popular keywords that people are searching for. Simply type in your website address and/or keywords you’d like people to find you by, and you’ll see the relative amount of competition for the keyword(s) as well as the number of global and local searches.

Do any other sites link to yours? If you are an island out there in the world wide web, you are not going to have visitors. Check out to see who links to you. If you don’t have any links to you, use a resource like to find places your business can be listed.

If you are unsure of the best approach for each of these topics, our office in Saratoga Springs holds classes called Website Wednesdays, Technology Thursdays, and Social Saturday Saratoga.  To check when these events are going to be held visit our website at

We also do personal business training and workshops. For informaion email us today at [email protected] or text us at 518-290-0812 for a quick response.

Next week: How to Get Linked via LinkedIn.

Robert J. Braathe is the founder and principal of Braathe Enterprises. For information visit the company website at


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