BSBPA window dressings get an upgrade

The BSBPA hopes a new window sticker design will spark increased awareness and interest in their gift certificate program 

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The window sticker offered by the Ballston Spa Business and Professional Association to members participating in its Gift Certificate program is getting a new design.  “The current one is kind of nondescript,” said Kelly Delaney-Elliott of Elliott Property Services, who worked on the redesign. “We want to draw more attention to the program and make it more recognizable. It’s a really great, great program.”

Any BSBPA member can participate in the program, but Delaney-Elliott thinks many are not aware of that fact. “I’m working on increasing awareness,” she said. “It’s a really nice tool. And it’s a member benefit, it doesn’t cost anything extra.”

Participating members get the sticker to put in a prominent place on their storefront window to alert customers they accept the certificates. “We want the sticker to say ‘come on in’,” Delaney-Elliott said.

After redeeming the gift certificate for the customer, retailers can themselves redeem the certificates for cash at the BSNB branch on Front Street. “After the purchase is made all the retailer does is take it to the Front Street branch,” Delaney-Elliott said. “They can redeem it immediately. It’s really easy.”

Only the Front Street branch redeems the certificates for retailers.

The program has been in existence for awhile, but Delaney-Elliott is hoping to promote it further. “This is really nothing new,” she said. “I’m just attempting to create more awareness. The majority of certificates are redeemed at a handful of retailers because a lot of our members are signed up but don’t know about all of the benefits.”

Those who do participate find the program works. “Restaurants do very well with it,” Delaney-Elliott said. “And we got a good bump last year. Holiday season was by far the largest chunk but we think we can increase it throughout the year.”

The BSPA gift certificates are available in any denomination, but face value is capped at $100 for each certificate to make it easier for retailers. If a purchase total falls below the value of the certificate retailers have the option of giving back change in either cash or another certificate.

“I would recommend they give it back as a certificate,” Delaney-Elliott said.

A few hundred certificates were sold just before the holidays, and Delaney-Elliott thinks it’s because they are so handy as gifts. “It’s a great quick easy gift for someone,” she said. “I expect the numbers will increase again this year.”

The gift certificates are sold at all BSNB branches and online at the BSBPA website at The website breaks down participating members by category. Customers click on the category they are interested in and then get to choose from a list of retailers, but the certificates themselves are redeemable at any participating BSBPA member business.

All BSBPA members are eligible for the program. “All they need to do is say they want to participate,” Delaney-Elliott said, “and we’ll drop a sticker off to them.”

Currently almost 100 members are participating in the program. Delaney-Elliott is hoping to increase both that number and the number of people using the gift certificates, she said. “We’re going to be doing advertising throughout the year,” she said.

Delaney-Elliott worked with T-Shirt Graphics of Grove Street on the redesign. The new stickers weren’t finished as of press time but are expected to be delivered any day. They will be available to interested members immediately.

“I’m hoping they’ll be ready by this weekend,” she said.

For information or to become a member visit the Ballston Spa Business and Professional Association at


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