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Ballston Spa’s Bundle Store is a First

Amber Chaves is many things: she’s a pediatric occupational therapist with over 10 years of experience, a certified infant massage therapist, the mother to her two-year-old daughter, and most recently, the owner of Ballston Spa’s newest boutique, The Bundle Store.

Featuring eco-friendly baby and maternity clothing, The Bundle Store is the first of its kind in the Capital District, focusing on socially responsible and “mama-made products,” according to the company website.

The Bundle Store's Logo

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Chaves became pregnant while she was living in an apartment in Brooklyn, a city where the lifestyle is significantly different from upstate New York. Once her daughter was born, she would carry her in a wrap to the corner store down the block, where the owner would greet them and offer to hold her baby, providing Chaves with an easy and worry-free trip to the market. Friendly interactions like this are what inspired the comfortable atmosphere found inside The Bundle Store.

“I wanted to provide a community experience,” Chaves said, explaining some of her goals. “Moms can come into the store and their kids can lick the windows and have a diaper blow out, and it’ll all be good.”

Not only will women discover quality shopping, but they’ll also find quality products along with informative classes and an abundance of resources, providing help for before, during and after pregnancy.

Almost every product offered falls into at least one of three categories: eco-friendly, socially responsible or mama-made. Eco-friendly, or “green,” products are made from organic materials, such as soy, wood and cotton, and never contain BPA.

“My receipts don’t even have BPA in them,” said Chaves.

Socially responsible products help to benefit the large-scale community in a variety of ways, such as providing consumers with safe, healthy goods and promoting equality and fairness in the work place. And mama-made products are exactly what the name suggests: handmade items, produced and designed by moms.

“We think because a product is put out it must be safe,” explained Chaves, “but that’s not always the case.”

Chaves carefully hand selects each product available in her store, even researching what’s written on the labels, all so she can “provide people with simple, functional things that they’ll need during their pregnancy and after,” she said.

The Bundle Store is “small, but very functional,” Chaves said. She remembers being pregnant not long ago, and the countless hours spent searching the Internet for any pregnancy-related information.

Chaves plans to utilize the functional space in her store by offering informational events and classes for moms, eliminating the difficult search process and providing them with more time to engage with their children.

Chaves hopes to celebrate the grand opening of her store and have a completed calendar of events by the date of the Saratoga Baby and Toddler Expo, April 6.

The Bundle Store opened its doors last week and is located at 35 Milton Ave., Ballston Spa, at the corner of Front St. For store hours and information, visit The Bundle Store website at, or call 518-557-8809.

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