Organizers Excited for Malta 5K

MALTA — Saturday, September 7 marks the fourth annual Malta Business and Professional Association 5K road race.

Once again, GLOBALFOUNDRIES has partnered with the MBPA as the title sponsor for the event. As is tradition, all profits garnered will go toward supporting Malta’s emergency first responders and the Saratoga Rural Preservation Company.



“Profits will go to the Saratoga Vet. Help, which is a homeless vet. shelter in Ballston Spa,” said Paul Loomis, race director and past president of the MBPA. “There’s a women’s shelter and a men’s shelter, both in Ballston Spa. Last year we gave $16,000 to both Vet. Help and the first responders of Malta.”

In addition to receiving much-needed funding from the race, veterans are afforded the opportunity to come out and enjoy the race first-hand.

“Every year we get about 10 to 15 folks from the vet. home to come over. We give them volunteer t-shirts; we give them safety vests so they can be seen. They’re out here cheering the runners on, making sure nobody cheats. We make sure that they keep the runners safe,” Loomis said.

Runner safety is important to Loomis and was the impetus for a deviation from last year’s course.

“The only thing that’s different is last year we went through the old rocket test facility, and this year with the roundabout being open and the new traffic pattern, we really wanted to keep the course safer for the runners. Last year there were speed bumps and as a runner I know anything that’s in the road could cause injury; it could cause anything to distract me from getting my time. There’s always that chance,” Loomis said.

The rest of the course layout remains largely similar to that of years past.

The Hudson Valley TEC-SMART facility in Malta, NY. (Wikipedia)

The Hudson Valley TEC-SMART facility in Malta, NY. (Wikipedia)

Participants will start and finish at the same point at Hudson Valley Community College’s TEC-SMART, located within NYSERDA’s Saratoga Technology & Energy Park (STEP). They will then head south through Luther Forest Technology Campus (LFTC) and past the new Town of Malta Recreation ball fields. The real treat for participants awaits less than a mile past the ball fields when they go through the GLOBALFOUNDRIES campus.

“This is what’s going to get runners to come in. Whatever your fitness ability is, this is what we want people to come see. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is part of our community. They’re the title sponsor of the race. They want people coming through here. The fun thing for me is I get to plan this and I get to see it come through and look at the development and the construction growth. It’s amazing what you can see of the commitment to the Town of Malta just going through here,” Loomis said.

The finish line returns participants to the TEC-SMART facility where they are encouraged to go inside for an awards ceremony, meet with vendors from race sponsors and take a tour of the facility with HVCC TEC-SMART’s Associate Dean, Penny Hill, as they cool down from the 5K.

“I look forward to having people come in here to see the facility, show it off a little bit and have people take a look around and see what else there is to offer. A lot of people don’t know we’re back here, so it’s good to have the racers be exposed to this,” Hill said.

Awards will go to the top three male and top three female runners. In addition to these awards, prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers of each age group. Groups are broken down in increments of 5 (18-23, 24-29, etc.).

Travis Bullard, senior manager of Public Affairs and Communications for GLOBALFOUNDRIES is proud to sponsor the Malta 5K.

“One of the programs that we’ve gotten involved with, really, I think from the beginning is the Malta 5K event. It’s a fantastic event to raise money for local veterans and first responders,” Bullard said.

“For the last few years we’ve partnered with Paul to actually bring the course through our campus. We have a secure campus, so not a lot of people have seen the facility, but this event gives us the opportunity to actually open the door a little bit and put the race course right through our front door, under our property. So it’s a fun way for folks to come out and see the campus, as well as participate in something that raises money for some great local causes.”

Only in existence for four years, GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a relatively new company. Since breaking ground on their FAB 8 facility in Malta, GLOBALFOUNDRIES has tried to make a positive impact in the community by sponsoring a number of events.

Loomis, Hill and Bullard are all impressed with the growth of the Malta 5K and don’t expect it to plateau just yet.

“It was all started because of 9/11. The folks that started it were really Ray Liuzzo and myself. The two of us are pretty avid runners. We’ve been running in this park ever since it was put together and we said, ‘You know what? Some day we should try to put something together,'” Loomis said.

“About four years ago we had about 190 people and we donated $9,000 at the time, which I thought was a lot. Last year we had just over 400 people finish. This year we’re hoping to have over 750 people attend the race,” Loomis said.

The Malta 5K is one leg of the triple crown race series, which is new this year. The other two races are the Monday Night Mile and the Saratoga Hospital Run for the Roc. Those who complete all three races will receive a medal courtesy of title sponsors

“What this day is about is friends, co-workers and family. Make it a full day, not just go out and run a 5K, but make it a full day of seeing GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the two tech parks and this beautiful building,” Loomis said.

The first 500 participants are guaranteed a long-sleeve moisture-wicking shirt and a running hat provided by Adirondack Trust Company. Those interested in registering may do so online at a cost of $25 up to September 4; after the fourth the price is $30. All forms and information are available at the Malta 5K website.

For updates, visit the 5K Facebook page. Any other questions can be directed toward Paul Loomis, who can be reached by phone at 518-472-4807, or by e-mail at [email protected].


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