Requiescent Float Center/The Ballston Journal Online

Salt Water Float Center Opens on Milton Ave.

BALLSTON SPA — Jamie Gagne and Eric Dunkelbarger are bringing something to the village that is truly unlike anything residents have ever seen: flotation therapy. The Requiescent Float Center is now open on the north end of the village at 233 Milton Avenue.

Gagne said it’s actually not a new concept. Floating as a way of relieving stress, both mentally and physically has been around

Requiescent Float Center/The Ballston Journal Online

One of the float tank at the Requiscent Float Center.

since the 1960’s. Gagne explains it as a 4 by 8 foot tank filled with 100 lbs of Epsom Salt in which individuals are only floating on about 10 inches of water.

“You don’t even feel the water. You float in an enclosed tank bringing you total peace for the mind, body and all your sensory, it’s extremely therapeutic,” said Gagne.

Flotation therapy was founded in 1954 by scientist John C. Lilly who was an American physician, neuroscientist, psychoanalyst, philosopher and writer. He was a researcher of the nature of consciousness using mainly isolation tanks, and dolphin communication.

During the therapeutic floating session the body is suspended in the solution of water and Epsom Salt and heated to skin temperature, creating the sensation of weightlessness in a private, peaceful space.

Gagne said the tanks are sound proof and light-proof, and to some degree, radio wave proof. They have already had their first customers and are “excited to get the word out”.

Find them on the web at and ‘LIKE’ the Requiescent Float Center on Facebook, CLICK HERE! Have you ever done float therapy before?  Tell us about it by logging in and commenting below.


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