BSpa Teen Continues Scout Project After House Burns

BALLSTON SPA – Life Scout and recent Ballston Spa High School graduate, Eddie Rock, recently lost everything after his family’s home caught fire last week.

Eddie also lost his scout uniform in the fire, but said he will continue his Eagle Scout service project this Sunday, June 29 at the Ballston Spa Family Fun Day.

The morning of the fire, Eddie’s father, Doug, left the house to go to a personal friend’s funeral. When he arrived at it he noticed there was no music, his friend was Irish, and Doug and Eddie are Irish fiddlers.  Doug call his son and told him to get their fiddles and that they were going to play Irish music at the funeral.  After the funeral they were on the way to the grave site to play “Amazing Grace” when Doug got a call that their house was on fire.

When they arrived at their home at 424 Eastline Road, Ballston Spa, NY the house was totally engulfed in flames and being battled by both the  Round Lake and Malta Ridge Volunteer Fire Departments.  Doug and Eddie lost everything except the clothes on their back and their fiddles.  Eddie lost his computer, all his clothes, his scout uniform, all the badges he had earned and all the paperwork for his Eagle Scout service project.  They, also, lost their other musical instruments and many antiques that Doug sells.

After the fire, Doug was trying to dry out family photos that he had pulled from the ashes.  Among the photos, he found a family portrait of himself; his wife, Tambra; and Eddie when he was three.  Tambra died suddenly, when Eddie was four years old.

To earn the Eagle Scout rank a scout has to master numerous scout skills, demonstrate leadership skills and citizenship. A scout has to earn 21 merit badges of which 12 are required.  A scout has to perform many hours of community service and have held leadership positions in the troop.  Finally, a scout has to plan, organize and supervise a major service project that will benefit a chosen organization. The project demonstrates the scout’s leadership and organization skills.  Many times, the scout’s and volunteers’ time put into the project exceeds 100 hours.

Eddie’s Eagle Scout project is a Military Awareness Fair.  At the fair numerous military organization will educate and demonstrate what their specialties. They will explain their services and the support they provide to the communities and country.  Military personal and volunteers will be on hand to answer any questions the public may have.

To help rebuild the Rock’s lives a fund has been set up to except cash donations.  Contributions can be made to “Rock, the Rock House Fund” at any BSNB branch.  Donations can be mailed to “Rock, the Rock House Fund”, BSNB Corporate Branch, PO Box 70, Ballston Spa, NY 12020.

Fund raising events, concerts and dinners are being planned and for additional information contact Glenn Harrison at (518)461-1295, [email protected].

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