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The Best Cup of Coffee You Will Ever Have

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Wired Coffee and Bagels/Malta/The Ballston Journal OnlineMALTA — Malta, meet the newest coffee craze, “The Pour-Over”.  Made in a carafe that looks like something out of Breaking Bad, Marty Michele of Wired: Coffee and Bagels explains to me that the wild glassware is part of the secret to the perfect cup of coffee.

“The glassware was created by a chemist. That, and the special filter keep the coffee from getting bitter. People tell us all the time that it’s the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had.”

Walking in, Wired is a large, open space, friendly all at once to a group meeting up for coffee, a quick business lunch, or the solitary freelancer gulping coffee to make deadline. The Michele brothers aim is to bring something fresh and new to Malta.

“We wanted to give Malta something out-of-the-box and unique,” says Matt. “The Everything we do here is fresh and rethought from the usual.” What’s special about Wired is the way everything is coming together—local meets hip, big-city trends meet small-town flavor, industrial meets friendly. The brothers aim to bring quality, local food and coffee to a place where people can slow down and relax, or take it to go.

Wired Coffee & Bagel Malta/The Ballston Journal Online

Marty and Matt are two of eight kids who grew up in the restaurant business in Voorheesville. Their parents owned a tavern when they were children, Matt owns a bed and breakfast, and Marty was a waiter for 18 years and owned a booming gourmet Hot Dog cart in Saratoga for two years. Their foray into food and drink was inevitable.

“Everyone cooked in our family,” says Marty. “The business is in our blood.”

Wired is a choose-your-own adventure coffeehouse. Go for your favorite latte or cappuccino, or try the latest trend in coffee, the pour-over. Order the tried-and-true egg sandwich for breakfast or change things up with a Nutella-strawberry-banana breakfast Panini. Meet a friend and stay for a while, or have it delivered to your office so you can work through lunch. It’s all up to you. Whatever you do, it’s going to be fresh, artfully made, and delicious.

Matt and Marty say they want to create unique offerings that people love and want to come back for.

“We were hearing from people at Global Foundry that they really missed their breakfast burritos, being from Texas, so we created a breakfast burrito with eggs, bacon or sausage, cheese, potatoes and just a little Sriracha sauce,” says Marty. “Other customers have been telling us our egg sandwich is the best they have ever had. We start with fresh bagels that we make here from authentic NYC bagel house dough, then add two eggs—grilled, not cooked in an egg disk in the microwave—meat of your choice, cheese, and we finish it off by grilling it lightly in the Panini press. It’s just perfect.”

“And we have the timing down,” adds Matt. “You come in on the way to work, order a coffee and your egg sandwich, and you are out the door in a few minutes. Everything’s fresh grilled. No microwaves.”

The Michele brothers have big plans–they aren’t stopping at offering the latest coffee trends and fresh artisan food. There’s more, much more.

“We have artists coming soon to fill these walls with art from local vendors, all for sale,” says Matt. They are also gearing up to start their own bean roasting operation so they can control quality more tightly and also sell their beans for home use.

Malta Wired Coffee and Bagel/The Ballston Journal OnlineThis summer, Wired After Dark will feature local music on the patio. They are also planning to expand their food offerings with cakes, quiches, their own line of cupcakes featuring a family recipe for authentic Italian buttercream icing, homemade chili
and soups this fall, and custom-whipped specialty cream cheeses.

“We offer a rotating selection of specialty cream cheese spreads worthy of our bagels,” says Matt. “We’ll make two or three each day, so you might come in and we’ll have a habanero bacon spread that day. And these aren’t spreads with freeze-dried pieces of food in them. We’re talking real crumbled bacon. Fresh peppers. They will be custom-made in the store. And even the regular offerings, like our veggie spread, will be made fresh here by us.”

Wired is more than a name for this shop, it’s a common denominator. Wired, for the coffee. Wired, for the free wifi. Wired, because they are plugged into the community. Wired, because of the technology boom in Malta. Wired, for the crazy energy these two business owners bring. Stop by and catch the buzz—they’re open seven days a week starting now.

Wired: Coffee and Bagels is located at Ellsworth Plaza in Malta, 530am to 7pm Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays, and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays.

Follow them here>>>on Facebook and Instagram to find out what the specialty cream cheese spread of the day is, or shoot them an email at [email protected]. View the full menu at SipWired.com.



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