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Publisher’s Pen: The Big Reveal!

I’ve been keeping a secret–actually, my job is to keep A LOT of secrets but this one has been exceptionally difficult: because it’s REALLY good…

I am thrilled to share that we have created a brand new joint partnership in media with the Daily Gazette in Schenectady. That means our subscribers who like the benefit of a daily or weekend printed product have a new choice and our readers who are online only consumers have more to access that may be of interest.

As our subscribers know, the relationship with the Hearst Corporation and the Times Union was a valuable one for many, many years that simply has run its course in a new media age. My decision to choose the Gazette is frankly, very simple and has only two points of interest

1) They too are in a place of changing with the times while balancing the “old” with the “new”. That matters in a shared marketplace in a business that is hundreds of years old and is competing like never before; a shared respect and understanding in this business makes for exciting opportunities and adventures.

2) Their fierce loyalty to the customer experience is the same as mine. Too many media are grasping at straws, grabbing at “shiny new buttons” and bending their editorial content in an attempt to hang on to old money streams, which have been gone and slipping away for years.

While not a true journalist, I’m a pretty sharp cookie and it didn’t take much to figure out that readers consistently want content and advertisers can be fickle. So, we do our best to serve the reader, first and foremost.

And that’s a committment that Publisher, John DeAugustine of the Daily Gazette is passionate about; it’s easy to see when he articulates his “must have’s” in a relationship (which, to my great pleasure is a simple short list, just like mine).

We’ll have more great information to share during the week, and yes, there will be some fabulous deals to take advantage of. For now, some things to know:

–If you have a paid subscription thru 8/31/14, you will continue to receive the Sunday Times Union right until your subscription expires

–If your current subscription expires by 9/30/14 and you have received a renewal notice under the old deal, your payment received by 9/30/14 will continue the Sunday Times Union delivery thru your expiration date.

–The Ballston Journal Online portion of your subscription includes DAILY email deliveries and up to two email account holders. If you are not “connected”, please email us your name, address and email address(es) to [email protected]. That’s important as our current subscriber access will also be upgraded in the next 60 days.

That’s all for now! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend and watch for updates during the week while we handle all our housekeeping related to the new offer to our most loyal fans and readers.

P.S. Deal alert #1 – I’ll be at Ballston Spa High School bright and early in the a.m. for Superintendent’s Conference Day; all district employees will get their first shot at a new subscription during that time.

P.P.S.  Deal alert #2 – If you are running the Malta 5k next weekend, the next cool opportunity will be available there, too.

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Angela McFarland
Chief Creative Officer and Ad Whisperer 

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