Stefanik Hosts Millennial Policy Roundtable in Ballston Spa

Congresswoman Holds Millennial Roundtable in Ballston Spa

BALLSTON SPA — On Tuesday, Aug. 11, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik hosted a roundtable with panelists from Ballston Spa to better understand the concerns facing the millennial generation in the district. 

“Panelists expresses concerns over lower standards of living than their parents’ generation, challenges saving for retirement, difficulties finding economic opportunities, high tuition costs and the difficulties that overregulation is causing for their small businesses and farms,” said Stefanik.

Stefanik Hosts Millennial Policy Roundtable in Ballston Spa

Stefanik Hosts Millennial Policy Roundtable in Ballston Spa on Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015. Photo submitted.

Stefanik, who is the Chairman of the House Republican Millennial Task Force, is working with the House Republican Policy Committee to develop policies that address concerns facing the millennial generation.

“Our district is home to many millennials who can speak to the concerns of this generation, which is now the largest generation in our labor force,” she said. “Through a series of hearings and roundtables in the district and in Washington, I want representatives of the millennial generation to have a say in policies that are crafted by our conference and that are passed through Congress. Today’s roundtable in Ballston Spa was an important opportunity for millennial leaders in our district to offer their insights into the policy making process.”

The panelists at today’s roundtable included Economic Development Analyst , Alyson Slack, Falon Ferraro of Account Services at Camoin Associates, Group Marketing Specialist Alyssa Felio of Fingerpaint, Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau’s Ethan Allen, who is the Machine Shop Manager at Allenwaite Farms.

The millennials present at the roundtable offered input from a group with differing backgrounds and experiences who are experiencing challenges unfamiliar to previous generations. Stefanik believes it is important to the policy discussions in Congress to allow such voices to be heard.

“I look forward to bringing all of their concerns with me to future meetings as our Millennial Task Force continues to explore ways to craft policies that will help this generation,” Stefanik said.

“Specifically, I want to look at how millennials in New York’s 21st district compare to national trends.”

Stefanik plans to hold at least one more hearing in Washington as part of the Millennial Task Force.

Based on a recent ranking of the Best Towns in New York for Millennials to live by,  an online resource that offers rankings and statistics on every neighborhood and city in the U.S. to help people find the best places to live, visit, and raise a family, New York’s 21st district had four of the top 20 towns; Glens Falls, Watertown, Plattsburgh and Ogdensburg. The data was based on the number of millennials in the town, job opportunities, and access to bars, restaurants, and affordable housing.

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