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Now do you see why I want you to get out and VOTE?

I’m sure there are many waiting and drooling for my poison pen to come out about the Rossi/Walmart decision. While I will make reference to it, I’d rather let the suspense build.

What REALLY matters is the significance of today. Another election day and another chance to really be heard.

The volume of “keyboard bravado” versus actual live attendance at government meetings I’ve seen with my own eyes, heard with my own ears.

The volume of distorted (and dramatic) “facts” has been frustrating, disheartening and frankly, a little scary.

National elections can make us feel powerless BUT these hometown local elections, now that is a game you can win.

I was asked recently if I would be endorsing local candidates…I thought about it but held back considering the most heated race is in Malta and since I don’t live in that corner of my world, didn’t think the decision very wise.  I only know what I’ve been sold and what my reporters share.

With that said, here’s my NON-endorsement of the Malta candidates but general opinion: Thomas and Dunn are leaders. Both are well-spoken motivators with political grace.  I admire Tara’s long record of community service as much as I am drawn to Tim’s energy.  This guy will create change, or a ruckus…but definitely something.

And, I too agree with a recent letter to the editor, the personal attacks on Thomas are a bit much. People like to believe they know what goes on behind closed doors, they like to assume that “everyone” sees the obvious. Not true. I defer to the “he said, she said, actual truth” rule. Maybe she knows more than she has owned up to, but maybe not.

I mean c’mon, look at the numbers spilled from the recent Ashley Madison debacle. How many spouses were blindsided by the person they lived with. It happens. Sometimes people know things, ignore things or simply don’t know.

Klotz and Warner are the same to me. Analytical thinkers with so much heart, but I’m not confident in their abilities to move the ball forward.  They speak, they listen…but neither strikes me as that “raise the roof” mover and shaker.  Which is why endorsing either, without knowing them better would seem improper, right?

On the other side of the neighborhood, we have Milton.  Something hasn’t been right over there for a bit….I mean I like Supervisor Lewza, I’ve seen the growth in action but there’s an underbelly of something going on over there. There are a few things in the government process that are out of whack and a real lack of conversation about it.

Are my neighbors aware and avoiding or simply, blissfully unaware?

My NON-endorsement of any Milton candidate starts with Benny Zlotnick, a neighor who has worked for a long time, humbly for this community. He just does it. No accolades, no expectations…it’s like he just knows he’s responsible and goes to work.  BUT, I worry that his ease of manner makes him too much of a people pleaser, not someone to challenge the establishment.

Which brings me to the ladies….and, strong, intelligent and ambitous ladies they are.  We need an Anna Stanko as much as we need a Barbara Kerr over there.

Stanko gets herself out there, right at the ground level. She works full-time, helps hubby with his business, has a family and makes the time for service to this community. Hands on. I like that about her…it’s not just about appearances.

Kerr challenges authority. Asks questions. Questions policy and procedure and dammit, I like that too. That’s what government is about, checks and balances and she should be commended for facing a tough audience, pretty much all the time.  The never ending struggle of strong women balancing their strength and intelligence with simply being labeled a miserable “b#@!”…or countless other labels.

(Warning..politically incorrect statement to follow—>>) Men just don’t have to deal with THAT on their service “to-do” list.

My point is, these are the potentially ELECTED officials…not appointed like the Planning Board in the “other” town that folks disparaged and trashed and loudly proclaimed they will not vote for on their Facebook pages. (<<—shameless snark).

So please, here’s some more info:

Voting is liberating. It takes the same amount of time as stopping to get a coffee without the extra caffeine or calories since you’d likely get a snack to go with it. I’d push the envelope to say it’s good for your health to park across the parking lot at your polling place, take long strides to combine exercise with voting.

And, if you have the “don’t have time, doesn’t matter, don’t know how” whatever gets in your way of just doing it, please, think carefully when exercising your 1st amendment rights to free speech. Join the conversation when you take the time to just know a wee bit more.

My eyeballs can’t roll back in my head any further. They are going to freeze like that…so please, vote.

Angela McFarland
Chief Creative Officer and Ad Whisperer 

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