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Saratoga County Property Transactions August 2015

The property transactions listed below include sales in the Saratoga County Towns of Ballston, Malta and Milton and Villages of Ballston Spa and Round Lake filed with the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office from August 1 – August 31, 2015.


Matthew and Rebecca Dreher sold property to Shawn Raymond for $150,000.

Michael and Marie Burns sold property at 135 Goode St. to Saratoga County Rentals LLC for $75,000.

Qin Wang and Jin Zhu sold property at 27 Sherman Way to Kong Lee and Jianjun Lu for $320,000.

Briarwood Brooks Development LLC sold property at 9 Mohican Pass to Bruce and Beverly Blinn for $381,233.56.

Stephen and Stacy Brendese sold property at 3 Silver Springs Drive to Iain and Danielle Holmes for $275,000.

Nancy DeLain (as exec), Jane Baum (by exec) and Parker Baum (decd) sold property at 288 Middleline Road to Brian and Christina Toth for $217,000.

Daniel Westbrook (as successor trustee), Jack Westbrook (by attorney) and John Hall (by attorney) sold property at 5 Brookline Road to High Rock Property Management LLC for $136,000.

Theresa Peca sold property at 19 Lawmar Lane to Robert and Erica Cable for $230,000.

MA Schafer Construction Inc. sold property at 3 Leah Ct. to Mark Taft and Jared Burridge for $364,620.

Cheryl Whitton sold property at 5 Woods Edge to Robert Becker for $215,000.

Kristen and John Hotaling sold property at 58 Paradowski Road to Robert and Steven Forbes, Jr. for $246,000.

SIRVA Relocation Credit LLC sold property at 21 Sycamore St. to Utkarsha Ayachit for $320,000.

Michelle Hunt and Lisa Riley sold property at 107 Church Ave. to Christopher Huskie and Katherine Dubois for $205,000.

Landmark Realty II LLC sold property at 806 Saratoga Road to Penfieldwood LLC for $1,550,000.

Ryan and Michelle Kubasiak sold property at 24 Middleline Road to Michael Montejano and Andrea Bossone for $269,000.

Todd and Lisa Adams sold property at 21 Sycamore St. to SIRVA Relocation Credit LLC for $334,500.

John and Helen King sold property at 215 Goode St. to Ronald Whitbeck, Jr. for $212,000.

Matthew Begin sold property at 25 Nolan Road to Christopher and Amanda Culver for $249,000.

Charles and Kathleen Koines sold property at 19 Mann Road to James and Kristen Koines and Jonathan Landry for $240,000.

Brendan and Melanie O’Meara sold property to John Striffler for $163,500.


Peggy Schumacher sold property at 7 Second St. to William Bourassa for $153,000.

Richard Bult sold property at 1119 Raymond Road to Gregory and Denise Stasik for $250,000.

David and Suzanne Moore sold property at 558 Route 67 to Alfred Corchia and Ashley Wormuth for $183,500.

Daniel McGloine sold property at 11 Pepperbush Place to Kristen Jenny for $172,000.

Michael Silvagnoli sold property at 155 Thimbleberry Road to Karen Urban and Nicholas Inco for $162,000.

Kathleen Revers sold property at 108 Arrow Wood Place to Kathleen and Kenneth Stinton, Jr. for $162,700.

DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property at 13 Vettura Ct. to Timothy and Strausie Stephens for $301,873.

Dominick and Marilyn Delorio sold property at 24 George Ave to Boscott LLC for $240,000.

Kay Katzer sold property at 5084 Nelson Ave Ext. to ANW Holdings Inc. for $320,000.

ANW Holdings Inc. sold property at Lot 2 Nelson Ave Ext. to Kyle Kordich and Marianna Mustafa for $280,000.

Todd and Kerri Mathews sold property to Kyle and Amanda Stetar for $445,000.

Marlene Bissell sold property at 102 11th St. to John and Linda Moran for $755,000.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 32 Admirals Way to Brian and Tana Case for $468,557.

Goshen Mortgage REO LLC sold property at 6 May Apple Way to Ian Miller for $175,000.

Eugene Spada and John and Janis Leclerc sold property at 22 Hills Road to Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $380,032.

Grace Dillon and Charles Bootier sold property at 253 Thimbleberry Road to Patrick and Aleksandra Clancy for $190,000.

Debby Eades sold property at 274 Old Post Road to William Johnson for $235,000.

Scott Sacci sold property at 75 Wineberry Lane to Kelly and William Donnelly, Jr. for $263,000.

Jennifer Booth sold property at 5 May Apple Way to Adam and Jennifer Murrell for $260,000.

Blitman Rosen Development LLC sold property at 17 Callaghan Blvd. to James and Jennifer Fauci for $419,616.

Barbara Grasso sold property at 487 Devils Lane to Anita Castricone for $332,950.

Gildea Family Properties LLC sold property at 7 Woodside Dr. to Daniel and Danielle Smyth for $194,000.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 16 Stonebridge Dr. to Gerald and Diane Engoron for $304,761.

Kimberly Ploof sold property at 33 Candlewood Dr. to James and Lisa Rafalik for $385,000.

HM Ventures Inc. sold property at 5 Saratoga Farm Road to Jason and Melissa Golub for $160,000.

Karmen Bush sold property at 18 Larkspur Dr. to Brian Siciliano for $248,500.

Sandra Abrams sold property at 38 Snowberry to Richard and Deborah Straight for $164,500.

John Luke Development Co. LLC sold property at Lot 16 Maindent Circle to Timothy and Heather Parks for $361,298.
Charles Jung, Jr. sold property at 26 Sand Spurrey Road to Robert Picard for $259,900.

Raymond and Donna Laraway sold property at 19 Collamer to Anthony Mirarchi and Taylor Boone for $300,000.

Joan Brennan sold property at 4126 Silver Beach Road to Kyle Trippany for $211,150.

John and Helen King sold property at 215 Goode St. to Ronald Whitbeck, Jr. for $212,000.

Matthew Begin sold property at 25 Nolan Road to Christopher and Amanda Culver for $249,000.

Charles and Kathleen Koines sold property at 19 Mann Road to James and Kristen Koines and Jonathan Landry for $240,000.

Cathy Emmerick sold property at 3 Pennyroyal Road to Timothy and Jacqueline Cleary for $239,800.

Gun Woung Joung sold property at 1 Avendale Dr. to Manolis and Maria Monoli for $379,500.

Marini Land II Inc. sold property at 8 Sage Ct. to Soon Young Loh for $382,481.

Philip and Frances Nardi sold property at 10 Oak Ave. to Anthony, Karen and Michael Lucci for $116,000.

Patrick and Colleen Young sold property at 2271 Route 9 to Ryan Young for $206,000.

Lee Lippman Golde sold property at 185 Arrow Wood Place to Faye Rees for $173,000.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 27 Admirals Way to Peter and Erica Pondillo for $439,317.

Stephen Coccetti sold property at 41 Washington Ave. to Audrey Choiniere and Robert Stout, Jr. for $333,000.


Ronald Harrington sold property at 1028 Rock City Road to SCH Communities LLC for $20,000.

Joshua and Mackenzie Frederick sold property at 86-88 Eastern Ave. to David Whipple for $279,900.

Brent Rider sold property at 27 Red Coach Trail to Kelly Fisher Feldman for $175,000.

Frederick Montgomery sold property at 14 Limerick Lane to Steven Childs for $199,900.

Richard and Suzanne Smith sold property at 404 Antler Ct. to Daniel and Christie Pizza for $151,500.

Anthony and Serenity Burzawa sold property at 80 West St. to William Purcell for $232,000.

Karen Dandrea and Peter and Joanna Stolzar sold property at 161 White Road to Saratoga National Bank and Trust Company for $925,000.

Jake and Laura Stark sold property at 3506 Galway Road to Marc Prefore and Jade Agresta for $265,000.

Kevin and Meaghan Borowsky sold property at 19 Court St. to Karen Barone and Noah Shaw for $265,000.

Travis and Nicole Bullard sold property at 1 Webicke Ct. to Sheila Noonan Dunston for $444,000.

John Goldie sold property at 85-87 South St. to James Caracci and Christopher Palazzo for $222,000.

Linda and William Babbage, Jr. sold property at 32 Red Oak Lane to Charles Harrington, Jr. for $117,500.

Barbara Thomas sold property at 220 West Milton Road to Bradley and Caitlin Gaborow for $196,000.

David and Betsy Norton sold property at 3509 Galway Road to Anthony Azarm for $251,000.

Richard Van Buskirk, Jr. sold property at 833 Salem Dr. to Joseph Coman and Justine Teseiro for $312,000.

Fannie Mae and Rosicki, Rosicki and Associates PC sold property at 2 Hollow Creek Ct. to Jake and Laura Stark for $272,950.

Julia Brennan and Valarie Gilchrist and Jennifer Malavenda sold property at 145 Finley Road to Matthew Woehlke for $220,000.

Heather Carignan and Jon Stomski sold property at 203 West Milton Road to Richard Baird for $50,000.

Michael Basile and Tim and Cindy Winslow sold property at 24 Ralph St. to Ralph Street Development Co. LLC for $116,601.

Glenn and Russell Bowers II, Glenn Stone and Dorothy Bowers Life Tenant sold property at 14 Middlebrook Ave. to Caroline and Raymond Thomas for $171,000.

SEFCU sold property at 14 Treible Ave. to Broad and Thomas Partners LLC for $275,000.

William Shyne and Scott Shyne sold property at 421 Franklin St. to Christine Scavone for $250,000.

Carly and E. Matthew Robidoux sold property at 6 Birchtree Lane to Robert Natole and Lyndsey McNamara for $184,000.

Anthony and Mary Lou Festa sold property at 30 Court St. to Joanne Monaco and James Devlin for $95,000.

Kyle and Laura Bernard sold property at 115 Kayaderosseras Dr. to Timothy and Anna Vennett for $259,900.

Michael and Desiree Drindak sold property at 282 Meadowlark Dr. to Benjamin and Katherine Schmidt for $222,900.

Dale and Susan Jensen sold property at 102 Stockbridge Ct. to Scarlet Buffoline for $379,000.

Lawrence Thompson sold property at 54 Union St. to CV XXVII LLC for $135,636.


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