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Saratoga County Property Transactions October, 2015

The property transactions listed below include sales in the Saratoga County Towns of Ballston, Malta and Milton and Villages of Ballston Spa and Round Lake filed with the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office from October 1 – October 31, 2015.


Linda Latter and Susan Shatley, Jean Abott, James Hannay, Jean Abbott Trust, and Susan Daly, Sandra Sweet, Joseph Latter, Cindi Record and Jennifer Nelsonsold property at 6 Lawmar  Lane to Lauren Moore and Craig Petrask for $153,000.

Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property at 61 Cypress St. to Linhart and Kathleen McMullin for $336,463.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 21 Stonebridge Dr. to Bryan Quenelle for $277,747.

Holly Delaney sold property at 7 Midline Road to Nimesh and Ruchita Patel for $262,200.

Stuart and Janice Rixman sold property at 166 Charlton Road to Peter and Aimeemarie Solberg for $560,000.

Pamela Koebbeman sold property at 42 Rolling Brook Dr. to Allen and Rebecca Zoracki for $505,000.

Bassam Rimawi sold property at 491 Finley Road to Johan and Crystal Silsby Reimann for $340,000.

Deborah Grimaldi Zeh sold property at 207 Ballston Ave. to Trisha Beamish and Matthew Dunn, Jr. for $200,000.

Kenneth Beecher sold property at 1213 Route 50 to Eduardo and Myla Gonzalez for $230,000.

Mandy McFarland (as ref.) and Thomas and Linda Donahue (by ref.) sold property at 8 White Beach Road to Federal National Mortgage Association for $323,156.

James Laurine (as exec.) and Sandra Martinez (by exec.) sold property at 8 Skaarland Dr. to Sondra Smith for $270,000.

Thomas and Nancy Kramlick (as co trustees) and Kramlick Family Trust sold property at Route 50 to Wm. H. Buckley Farm LLC for $447,000.

Ann Kulkus (as admin.) and Donald Patnaude (by admin.) sold property at 814 Route 50 to Nuri Ozbay for $145,000.

Erna Bosley (as trustee) and Revocable Trust sold property at 72 Lake Road to David and Rebecca McDonald for $375,000.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 60 Beacon St. to Matthew Jeffries for $243,198.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 64 Beacon St. to Larry and Sharon Smudge for $261,817.

Karla Williams Buettner sold property at 11 Edgewood Dr. to Deena Pietrocola for $236,000.


Carole Witterschein sold property at 52 Riley Cove Road to Thomas and Lisa Carter for $600,000.

Teresa Johnson sold property at 235 Thimbleberry Road to Felix Catano and Alicia Aristizabel Osorio for $160,000.

Frank and Beverly Goodhart sold property at 5 Thistle Dr. to Susan and John Watkins, Jr. for $260,000.

John Garrity sold property at 35 Lake Ridge Dr. to Rami and Gwendoline Saleh for $319,500.

Harris and Diane Unger sold property at 36-40 Maltaville Road to Sukhdev Singh and Gurmail Briana for $485,000.

Jon Spisak sold property at 18 Pennyroyal Road to Suzanne White for $220,000.

Sandra Kahlon sold property at 21 Fletcher Ave. to Jeffrey Gannon for $171,000.

Todd Grisenthwaite sold property at 15 Arrowwood Place to Katrina Howey for $164,000.

Rebecca Lyke sold property at 5 Chango Dr. to Jeremy Bouteiller and Alicia Lewis for $262,500.

Tracy Matthews sold property at 302 Ruhle Road South to Richard and Amanda Quinn for $280,000.

Malta Land Company, LLC sold property at 11 Galleon Drive to Christodulu for $452,000.

George T. Sisco sold property at 17 Kozy Lane to George T. Sisco, Cr. and Cindy Sisco for $300,000.

Terrell Neuage and Brenda Biemond sold property at 15 Second St. to Benjamin and Rebecca Commish for $233,000.

Robert Pennacchia sold property at 24 Shore Ave. to Cherie Gallagher for $410,000.

Eugene and April LaDue and Janelle Delevry sold property at 9 Gleneagles Blvd. to Patrick Blair Childs for $325,000.

Valerie Piantoni sold property at 3 Kennedy Dr. to Robert Talham for $365,000.

Joseph and Rosemary Paviglianiti sold property at 23 Garrison Lane to Lenore Cronin for $165,000.


David Fribourg, Jr. sold property at 1 Wheeler Creek Ct. to Mitchel and Kristina Lake for $265,000.

Clara Sciartelli and Lewis Bruce and Clara Sciartelli Living Trust sold property at 220 Whitetail Ct. to P2W Properties LLC for $165,000.

Kara Dicaterino sold property at 70 Deer Run to Joseph Flasz for $166,000.

Jacqueline Nochisaki sold property at 917 MacArthur Dr. to Willis and Natalya Robinson for $345,000.

Cassandra Lyons sold property at 18 Lancaster Place to Alexander Luse and Emily Shea for $176,500.

Carlos Calderon III sold property at 37 Kaatskill Way to Tyler and Elizabeth Eikelberger for $290,000.

Kelly Christy sold property at 303 Caribou Ct. to Michael McGourty and Mandi Marra for $169,900.

Jody and Rodney Wheeler and Betty Wheeler Family Trust sold property at 15 Pinewood Lane to Alexander and Kathryn Stone for $247,000.

Wayne Robinson sold property at 231 Meadowlark Dr. to Russell Williams for $156,000.

Joseph and Mary Grudecki sold property at 218 Falsetto Ct. to James and Joanne Nair for $320,000.

George and Louise Farnum sold property at 78 Front St. to Spencer and Christi Tacy for $80,000.

Hilary and Thomas Seagrove, Jr. sold property at 734 Route 29 to Michael Birecki for $172,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Stein, Wiener and Roth LLP  sold property at 37 North High St. to LPC Properties LLC for $27,000.

Patrick and Bambi Becker sold property at 109 Hutchins Road to Wayne and Matoaka Rodier for $205,000.

James Connors  and Joan Connors  sold property at 520 Leahy Lane to Tessa Marino for $154,000.

Amanda Denaker sold property at 34 Division St. to Travis Longenbach for $177,500.

Robert Doran and William and Nancy Desadora sold property at 325 Saratoga Ave. to James and Rowena Lang and Revocable Trust for $264,024.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. sold property at 558 Victory Circle to Christopher and Gina and McBride for $245,000.

Jeffrey Townsend sold property at 747 Route 29 to Eric and Christine Thompson for $60,000.

Richard Murray sold property at 558 Victory Circle to Brookfield Relocation Inc. for $245,000.

Patricia Card sold property at 6037 County Farm Road to Cynthia and Ronald Marotta, Jr. for $260,500.

Orcelia Cluteand Mylon and Michael Bernash  sold property at 432 Crooks Road to Dennis and Charlene Miller for $40,000.

Andrew and Kathryn Cook sold property at 125 Saratoga Ave. to Cora Daub and George Paige for $115,000.

Laurie and Mihaly Riesinger sold property at Heisler Road to Eric and Danica Andersen for $15,000.

Barbara Thomas sold property  st Milton Road to Peter Facteau for $29,000.

LFC Properties LLC sold property at 33 East North St. to Murphy and Mariotti Properties LLC for $125,000.

Michael and Patricia Smith sold property at 191 South St. to Christine and Nancy Wheat for $255,000.

Patrick and Bethany Schill sold property at 28 Wood Thrush Court to Nicholas and Anita Theama Simon for $246,000.

Gertrude and Irving Laducer, Jr. sold property at 109 West North St. to Jeffrey and Katie Sheridan for $96,000.

Vito and Lynn Soave sold property at 178-180 Milton Ave. to  64 Ludlow Street LLC for $310,000.

Elizabeth Rue and Esther Cook sold property at 5 Lee St. to Shaun St. Onge and Laura Arnold for $130,000.

Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property at 592 Grand Ave. to Andrew Brown for $361,834.

Gregory and Patricia Roberts sold property at 1014-1016 St. Lawrence Dr. to Linda Deschenes for $242,000.

Christopher and Jennifer Johnson sold property at 81 Deer Run Drive to Kyle Roberts for $166,000.


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