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Saratoga County Property Transactions September, 2015

The property transactions listed below include sales in the Saratoga County Towns of Ballston, Malta and Milton and Villages of Ballston Spa and Round Lake filed with the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office from Septembere 1 – September 30, 2015.


Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 33 Lancaster Ct. to Paul and Brittany Hester for $306,988.

Charles and Elinor Guess sold property at 21 Sherman Way to Joseph and Michelle Rispole for $369,900.

Martin and Rosemary O’Brien sold property at 3 Wincester Dr. to Patricia Angerame for $291,000.

Christopher and Megan Geroux sold property at 448 Robert Dr. to Paula and Norman Schultheiss for $278,500.

Lawrence Digesare sold property at 154 Lakehill Road to Hansen Property Holding LLC for $140,000.

David and Jeralee Mornhinweg sold property at 422 Robert Dr. to Sara Molnar for $285,000.

Aaron Palmer and Caryann Sculley sold property at 279 Round Lake Road to Eric and Christin Gough for $410,000.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 8 Stonebridge Dr. to Matthew and Wendy Marino for $311,664.

Kristi and Joseph Lavalley III sold property at 21 Edgewood Dr. to Jeffrey and Aimee Hanna for $251,600.

Brenda Powell Wheeler and Daniel Wheeler, Sr. sold property at 5 Frank St. to Matthew and Diane Call for $260,000.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 54 Beacon St. to Clara Sciartelli and Lewis Bruce for $261,956.

Kevin and Anita Adair sold property at 62 Jenkins Road to Brittany and Colin Meagher for $287,000.

Neil and Allison Cherkosly sold property at 10-12 Rosewood Ct. to 37 Greenfield LLC for $262,000.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 66 Beacon St. to Joellen Crawford for $243,135.

Carl and Christine Todora sold property at 10 Tomaselli Ct. to Jason and Amber Reynolds for $284,300.

Charlene Bowers sold property to Thomas Iwinski for $174,070.

Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property at 17 Ironwood St. to Angelina Planije for $333,553.

Terry and Karen Miltner sold property at 1 Garrison Road to Mark and Caitlin Wempe for $241,000.

James Towne, Jr. (as ref.) and Nathan Phelps (by ref.) sold property at 191 Goode St. to Wells Fargo Bank for $165,980.

Edna Altone (by agent), Adrienne Cetner (as agent) and Edmund Altone sold property at 1375 West High St. to Timothy and Phyllis Preston for $185,000.

Susan Sweeney sold property at 37 Long Creek Dr. to James and Kristi Anne Fazzone for $430,000.

Thomas and Sharon Clavie sold property at 336 Charlton Road to Darryl and Dorinda Gifford Levan for $350,000.

Donald and Michele Ferguson sold property at 63 Saunders Lane to Jennifer and Jason Booth for $365,000.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 35 Lancaster Ct. to Alec Buniak and Chelsea Spataro for $282,365.

Kevin and Ellen Boyle sold property at 34 Long Creek Dr. to Michelle Kaptein for $426,000.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 18 Stonebridge Dr. to Timothy and Louise Ketcham for $350,727.


Shannon Guggisberg sold property at 225 Thimbleberry Road to Tom Banken and Donna Fredericks for $178,900.

Scott and Ann Fadeley sold property at 1152 Laura Lane to Kellie Romano and John Wantuch, Jr. for $244,500.

Claudia O’Brien sold property at 351 Brownell Road to Joseph Miranda III for $90,000.

Nancy King Ingui sold property at 12 Hunters Run to Shafaat and Tanjim Ahmed for $377,500.

Donald and Gina Flynt sold property at 12 Rockrose Way to Christopher Staszak for $395,000.

Stephen and Kristine Minogue sold property at 14 Collamer Road to Thomas and Tracey Lucas and Owen McCaffrey for $255,000.

Tanya Lehine and Amy Calabrese sold property at 2 Olden Ct. to Daniela and Keith VanVeghten, Jr. for $385,000.

John and Gail Rainis sold property at 16 Lindenwood Dr. to Donald and Gina Flynt for $364,900.

John Luke Development Co. LLC sold property at Lot 39 Fenlon Ave. to Lisa Festa and William Dorman III for $327,864.

Daniel and Emily Ward (as trustees) and Revocable Living Trust sold property at 20 Lindenwood Dr. to Paul and Jacqueline Reiniger Morehouse for $330,000.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 29 Admirals Way to Charles and Donna Parent for $394,459.

Peggy Luzier sold property at 23 Cedarwood Dr. to Don and Mary Johnston for $265,000.

Robert and Kristen DiCerbo sold property at 21 Wake Robin Road to Jessica and Paul Worobey, Jr. for $160,500.

William and Dianne Rudolph sold property at 44 Walden Glen to Andrew and Caitlin Benson for $230,000.

Donald and Carolyn Cazer sold property at 184 Thimbleberry to Thomas and Stephanie Dillon for $177,000.

Margaret Snyder sold property at 12 Kennedy Dr. to Stephen and Kerry Frank for $325,000.

John Luke Development Co. LLC sold property at Lot 25 Maiden Circle to Timothy Busch and Nicole Gagnon for $406,336.

Scott Patterson sold property at 11 Pinewood Dr. to Jason and Jessica Mullen Guerin for $233,900.

Jeffrey Stone sold property at 5 Northwood Ct. to Ashley Ciletti for $162,000.

Teresa van Alphen sold property at 104 Ruhle Road to Douglas Cusano for $385,000.

Thomas and Renee Kernan sold property at 11 Twinflower Ct. to Karen Heggen and Peter Klotz, Sr. for $330,000.

James and Lisa Marie Rafalik sold property at 11 Damascus Way to Peter Bieganski for $308,000.

Ukjin Roh and Jung Lee sold property at 14 Coronado Way to Thomas and Renee Kernan for $345,031.

Mark and Jennifer Mclaws sold property at 8 North Ridge to Judson and Sarah Holt for $265,000.

Charlie Pezzene Realty LLC sold property at 2535 State Route 9 to LEJ Realty Holdings LLC for $8,993,000.


Jay and Jodi Facteau St. Gelais sold property at 92 West St. to Mark and Leana Williams for $175,400.

Jeffrey Varecka sold property at 213 Meadowlark Dr. to Ellen Hansen for $211,000.

Joseph Petro and Heidi Petro  sold property at 523 Elk Circle to Brian Baxter for $175,000.

Fannie Mae sold property at 120 Deer Run Dr. to Amber Tonkin for $131,078.

Wendy Butkus and Halie Englehart (as co execs.) and Carl Englehart (by co exec.) sold property at 12 Meadow Lane to Erin Englehart for $145,000.

James McMullen sold property at 28 Dublin Dr. to Sergey Germakovski for $205,000.

James and Susan Guilder sold property at 432 Stone Church Road to Fay Ferraro for $225,000.

Douglas and Ann Haller sold property at 4 St. Jude Ct. to Gary and Jean Brown for $315,000.

Donald McNeil III sold property at 209 Oak Lane to Debra and John Meerdink for $355,000.

Gregory and Carmen Marshall sold property at 239 Stone Church Road to Paul Stallmer and Sarah Fenton for $193,000.

Tyler Mockry sold property at 647 Minuteman Lane to Caroline Fotini Chisham for $196,900.

Jane Hurst sold property at 342 Leroux Road to Jonathan and Joanne Curtis for $251,000.

Robert Coughlin, Jr. (as ref.) and Travis and Kellie Roberts (by ref.) sold property at 303 Greenfield Ave. to V Mortgage REO 2 LLC for $146,000.

Green Frog RE LLC sold property at 52 Center St. to James and Sandra Adkins and Jeffrey Strom for $222,000.

Lee and Renee Lienau sold property at 47 South St. to 64 Ludlow Street LLC for $210,000.

Hallmark Property Holdings Ltd. sold property at 535 Middleline Road to Patrick and Margaret Haughton for $85,000.

Joseph Vivian III sold property at 40 Deer Run Dr. to Carol Grinter for $173,900.

Ellen Hansen sold property at 100 Deer Run Dr. to Lucas Hoague for $166,400.

Jennifer and Timothy Moore, Jr. sold property at 41 Crestline Dr. to Joshua and Jennifer Velicky for $131,810.

Mark and Mary Clark Huston sold property at 533 Acland Blvd. to Donna Barone for $236,900.

Leann Fyvie sold property at 221 Whitetail Court to George Werle for $172,000.

Lauren and Richard Rowland III sold property at 232 Meadowlark Dr. to Paul Desko for $235,000.

Mark Meyers sold property at 27 Maple Ave. to Paul Coleman for $195,000.


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