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Publisher’s Pen: Top Stories of 2015

Happy New Year and thank you for being a part of the Ballston Journal Online community for 2016! Every New Year is a time for reflection, clean slates, fresh starts and you may be just a bit surprised at this year’s most read stories.

I know I was.

News is about as real and up-close (other than the medical profession) as you can get to humanity. Sometimes, I think I’d rather stick to a more physical view–in this business you see joy, pain, laughter and anger in unpredictable ways. The challenge to be objective yet human is a true test of will and my deep admiration for the people who tell the stories grows deeper all the time.

I find the surprise a pleasant one of sorts. The best part of digital media is the data, the real life tell-tale of the good, the bad yet more importantly, the heart of the communities of all of our neighbors.

Thankfully, we do have heart. Passion and care as human beings. Somedays I wonder but then I see the data and find myself relieved.

Without further ado, the most read stories in the Ballston Journal Online of 2015, listed most popular first.

And guess what? It’s not elections or politics and barely Walmart.

Like I said–RELIEVED!

  1. Ballston Spa Native Laments the Loss of Five Classmates and Starts Petition
  2. Budding Filmmaker from BSpa Off to the Oscars
  3. BSHS On List of Most Challenging High Schools
  4. A & J Nail Salon Worker Arrested, Police Seeking Help
  5. BSpa Teacher Denied Tenure Hired in Voorheesville
  6. $3 Million Dollar Claim Filed Against Malta
  7. Horses Coming Back to Former Farm
  8. Walmart Negative Impact, Time to Move On
  9. Presenting USA National Miss, Haley Curtiss
  10. Owners of Halloween Hall to Retire After 33 Years

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