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Saratoga County Property Transactions December, 2015

The property transactions listed below include sales in the Saratoga County Towns of Ballston, Malta and Milton and Villages of Ballston Spa and Round Lake filed with the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office from December 1 – December 30, 2015.


Rose Land and Finance Corp. sold property at 1 Charlton Road to Eagleton LLC for $125,000.

Sharleen Komp sold property at 110 Westside Dr. to Robert and Deborah Wilson for $515,000.

William and Lorraine Canty sold property at 143 West High St. to Andrew and Kori Scram for $263,000.

Matthew and Patricia Dailey and John and Irene Safford sold property at 28 McLean to Conor and Vanessa Shea for $145,000.

Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property at 52 Sycamore St. to Mir Ali for $350,000.

Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property at 6 Sycamore St. to Harry and Cheryl Collegian for $339,929.

Gail Rutkowski, Sandra Potts, Carol Mullins and Shirley Center Life Estate sold property at 112 Charlton Road to James and Beth Fye for $164,000.

Richard Rasmussen and Margaret Oliviera sold property at 274 Middleline Road to Ronald Winnie II for $296,000.

Anita and Christopher Grignon II sold property at 7 Phillips St. to Lisa Foss for $180,300.

Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property at 27 Ironwood St. to Britt and James Young II for $342,719.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 14 Stonebridge Dr. to Paul and Kim Stote for $317,237.

Theodora Smith sold property at 60 Middleline Road to Sicom Associates LLC for $500,000.

Charles McCormack II sold property at 2 Lake Shore Ave. to Lisle Easton, Jr. for $34,200.

Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property at 9 Ironwood St. to Alina Vinslava for $346,632.

Douglas Taylor and William Taylor sold property at Middleline Road to Nicholas and Paul Grasso and Frank Schidzick, Jr. for $575,000.

Tamara Russell sold property at 93 Westside Dr. to William Neubeck for $213,000.

Briarwood Brooks Development LLC and Brooks Heritage LLC sold property at 18 Spring Circle to Zachary and Jill Cowper for $402,302.

John Forshey sold property at 1491 Saratoga Road to 1491 Saratoga Road LLC for $300,000.

Carla Bengle sold property at 105 Ballston Ave. to Angela and Christopher Knapp for $216,300.


Wilbur and Helen Shaw sold property at 7 Sand Spurrey Road to Elizabeth Strehlow for $246,000.

Renee Farley and Locust Road Estates Development LLC sold property at 20 and 24 Locust Road to Kevin and Rosemarie Moran for $15,000.

Renee Farley and Locust Road Estates Development LLC sold property at 24 Locust Road to Thomas and Tracey Lucas for $15,000.

Lecmor Multifamily LLC sold property at North Cariole St., Vettura Ct., Landau Blvd. and South Cariole St. to Grandeville at Park Place LLC for $3,418,000.

Peggy Lance and Carolyn Podhradsky Life Estate sold property at 18 Willis Way to Jams and Renee Irvin for $455,000.

Elizabeth Devizzio sold property at 33 Thimbleberry Road to Todd and Peggy Lance for $176,000.

Farone Amedore LLC sold property at 13 Hillman Loop to Michael and Sanning Pingitore for $368,395.

Paul and Janine Gauvin sold property at 15 Hills Road to Cartus Financial Corporation for $251,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation sold property at 15 Hills Road to Jason and Tiffany Schermerhorn for $251,000.

Carlos and Ellen Ares sold property at 45 Glade Mallow Road to Frank McCann for $180,000.

146 Middle Ave. LLC sold property at 52 Wake Robin Road to Sarah and Michael Maiolo for $157,500.

DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property at 11 Vettura Ct. to Bruce Lennard for $279,900.

James and Colleen Tully sold property at 53 Manning Cove Road to Joseph and Susan Kessler Schwartz for $1,225,000.

Scott and Beverly Stowell sold property at 198 Arrow Wood Place to Melissa Filarecki and John Buckley, Jr. for $139,500.

Joseph and Anthony DiDonna sold property at 18 Shore Ave. to Sarah Murray for $260,000.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 1 Admirals Way to Kevin and Anne Halpin for $595,000.

John and Julie Hartzell sold property at 26 Saratoga Farm Road to John and Barbara Barthmaier for $535,000.

John Luke Development Co. LLC sold property at Lot 29 Maiden Circle to Eric Warren and Lauren Montesano for $355,138.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 66 Admirals Way to Derek and Ashley Solek for $472,572.

Frances Dickman sold property at 32 Willis Way to John and Julie Hartzell for $365,000.

Christopher and Kelley Tuohy sold property at 64 Wineberry Lane to Rory and Ashley King for $248,000.

2691 Route 9 LLC sold property at 2691 Route 9 to Putnam Malta LLC for $2,725,000.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 25 Yachtsman Way to Bryan and Mary Kate Elsworth for $493,727.

Michael King sold property at 7 Rum Cherry Road to Corbyn and Amy Quick for $216,300.

Patricia Nadeau, Frances Bosher (by admin.), Frank Bosher (ind. and as admin.), and Joan and Anne Bosher sold property at 142 Knapp Road to Knapp Road Holdings LLC for $125,000.

Stephen and Marlene Ventresca sold property at 5 Burton Dr. to Sabina and Jon Hunter for $448,000.

William and Margaret Barth sold property at 23 Twinflower Ct. to Rorie Mastropietro for $312,500.

Fannie Mae sold property at 473 Rt. 67 to Lena Jesse for $116,000.

Marie Moynihan sold property at 32 Glade Mallow Rd. to Patrick Johnson for $249,600.


Alexandre Hack sold property at 2057 Barrett Road to Darlene and Terrance Gibson, Jr. for $210,410.

Rock City Road Development Co. LLC sold property at 28 River Rock Dr. to James McMahon II for $452,502.

Christine Nawrath sold property at 4 Lancaster Place to Carmen Glenn for $182,500.

Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property at 596 Grand Ave. to Christine Papadopoulos and Victor Dimaria for $343,260.

Richard and Laila Vincent sold property at 20 Liberty Dr. to Jerry and Elaine Webb for $317,000.

Frederick Ebert and Earl Ebert sold property at 15 Florence Dr. to Kathleen Velett for $144,329.

Steven Shaw and Elizabeth Misa sold property at 796 Schuyler Way to Danyel Mevissen and Lynne Young for $255,000.

Jane Valentin sold property at 16 Palmer St. to Richard Crandall and Jill Vallee for $52,500.

Thomas and Lynne Lawler Edgette sold property at 956 MacArthur Dr. to Michael and Deanna Palombo for $370,000.

Mary Beth Hynes and Stewart and Yvonne Dowen sold property at 470 Sodeman Road to Federal National mortgage Association for $144,184.

Scott and Rebecca Thomsen sold property at 649 Minuteman Lane to Jacqueline Pasternak for $186,500.

Muhammad Zafar and Hina Ambreen sold property at 6 Park Place to Betty Jo Grewen for $126,900.

Green Frog RE LLC sold property at 55 Center St. to Craig and Erin Murray for $188,000.

Grace Straub sold property at 414 Antler Ct. to Debra Daniele for $171,000.

Thomas Knight sold property at 90 White Road to Anita and Christopher Grignon II for $365,000.

112 Broad Street LLC sold property at 16 Ichabod Lane to Matthew and Marissa Izykowski for $201,213.

Christopher Donais sold property at 34 Wood Thrush Ct. to Daniel and Jamie Lagoy for $262,000.

Gary Lansing sold property at 662 Stark Terrace to Steven Jones for $290,000.

Zachary Marshall sold property at 9 Trottingham Road to Makenzie Gardner and Evan Blodgett for $199,000.

Jeffrey Melander sold property at 150 West High St. to Neil Labarge and Doreen Matayoshi for $239,000.

Pamela McGuire sold property at 54 Knollwood Hollow to William and June Julian for $190,000.

Dennis and Marilyn Corrigan sold property at 1 Lancaster Place to De Anna Marshall for $207,000.

Gerald and Michelle Arndt sold property at 5 Liberty Dr. to Christina and Isaiah Gallagher Rees for $272,000.

Marcia Smith sold property at 505 Middleline Road to Brian and Laura Mullins for $285,500.

US Bank National National Association sold property at 116 Prospect St. to Mitchell Harrington for $130,000.

Dean Thimineur sold property at 6059 County Farm Rd. to Pennymac Corp. for $143,977.

Daniel and Jamie LaGoy sold property at 202 Whitetail to Mariusz Placzkiewicz for $177,000.

Lois Gaba sold property at 831 Middleline Rd. to George and Maria Hanke for $70,000.

Brian and Casey Carmichael sold property at 306 Caribou Ct. to Lisa Cowan for $175,000.

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