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Saratoga County Property Transactions February, 2016

The property transactions listed below include sales in the Saratoga County Towns of Ballston, Malta and Milton and Villages of Ballston Spa and Round Lake filed with the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office from February 1 – February 29, 2016.


Roy and Shirley Paine sold property at 9 Parkwood Dr. to Brian and Amy Hall for $227,550.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 78 Beacon St. to Frederick and Karen White for $261,718.

Stephen and Rachel Dufort sold property at 1 Laur Lin Dee Lane to Cartus Financial Corporation for $315,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation sold property at 1 Laur Lin Dee Lane to Anna Caban for $275,000.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 106 Lancaster Ct. to James and Collette Hamilton for $339,170.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 15 Katharine and 105 and 107 Lancaster Ct. to Traditional Homebuilders and Developers Inc. for $246,000.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 40 Lancaster Ct. to John and Joan Murphy for $353,051.

Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property at 27 Lancaster Ct. to David and Carly Marshall for $471,954.

Edwin and Linda Belles sold property at 604 Cindy Lane to Jeffrey Grogan and Kayla Griffin for $245,000.

Bruce and Kelly Pilkey sold property at 24 Remsen St. to Hezzies Daughters LLC for $225,101.

Lucille Defilippo (by atty.) and Susan Ahl (as atty.) sold property at 43 Lewis St. to Andrew and Tara Champagne for $169,950.


Richard Herrmann, Jr.  and Casey and Jennifer Jones  sold property at 1099 Raymond Road to Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust dba for $327,690.

Robert and Lisa Petta sold property at 16 Glade Mallow Road to Glen Shields for $250,000.

Alan LeCours and Matthew Michele sold property at 14 Covel Ave. to Capital Communications Federal Credit Union for $544,239.

Jami Sautter and Kelly Law sold property at 11 Rum Cherry Road to Michael Foster for $239,900.

Andrew and Sue Mawdesley sold property at 139 Wineberry Lane to Stephen and Taryn Woodard for $271,000.

Susan Champlin sold property at 65 Arrow Wood Place to Ronnie Delap for $163,000.

Jonathan and Donna LaParl sold property at 1010 Laural Lane to Marian Tomaso for $215,000.

Susan Hitchcock and Michael Bright sold property at 1027 Raymond Road to Michael and Karen Bright for $87,000.

Michaels Group LLC sold property at 9 Woodfield Ct. to Da Song and Guanxiong Zhang for $349,635.

Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development sold property at 19 Wake Robin Road to Dominick Pugh for $90,000.

Sean and Aimee Parker sold property at 1 Wake Robin Road to Jillian Lyons for $166,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs sold property at 22 Hills Road to Mark Hausmann for $148,001.

Michaels Group LLC sold property at 7 Woodfield Ct. to Linda and Edwin Belles, Jr. for $355,595.

US Bank Trust, LSF8 Master Participation Trust and Caliber Home Loans Inc. sold property at 1 Bellflower Road to Robert Petta for $192,500.

Raymond Patterson sold property at 130 Ruhle Road North to Eric and Angela Mohr for $352,000.

Kasey Cram, Jr. sold property at 98 Arrowwood Place to Heather Coffey for $189,900.

Stephen and Michael Shafts and Joseph Shafts, Sr. sold property at 19 Washington Ave. to Timothy Shafts for $134,000.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 55 Admirals Way to Andrew Dumart and Jenna Dumke for $457,815.

Lisa Miller (as exec.) and Alfred Cullen (by exec.) sold property at 79 Blue Spruce Lane to Thomas Scott for $222,500.

Elifdo Coss, Jr. sold property at 4 Scotch Mist Way to Jenna Beatty for $240,000.

Kent Draper sold property at 13 Hills Road to Brian Landgraf for $236,250.

Bridget Nappi Rodecker sold property at 8 Candlewood Dr. to Nan Jing and Yi Liao for $330,000.

Barbara Coryer and Barbara Fitzgibbon (as trustees) and William Young Irrevocable Trust sold property at 32 Covel Ave. to Sarah Smith for $155,000.

Nicholas Ritota sold property at 461 Malta Ave. Extension to Jason Knott for $170,200.

SIRVA Relocation Credit LLC sold property at 392 Brownell Road to Craig Coon for $207,500.

Sean Eaton sold property at 392 Brownell Road to SIVA Relocation Credit LLC for $204,447.

Diane, Brian and Michael Branca, Sr. sold property at 33 Dino Dr. to Amanda and Gavin Valenty for $246,500.

Satyamohan and Deepika Gavvagi sold property at 12 Candlewood Dr. to Cindy Dagostino and Richard Jesmain, Jr. for $259,000.

Lawrence Franchini sold property at 14 Thimbleberry Road to Christopher Franchini for $164,900.

Mark and Beth Phelps sold property at 8 Thistle Dr. to Christina Adhikari for $290,000.

Leemilts Petroleum Inc. sold property at 2429 Route 9 to ZZ Petroleum Inc. for $938,740.

Gregory Mohr sold property at 165 Arrow Wood Place to Stacy Salvadore for $182,000.

Jeffrey Gould sold property at 59 Arrow Wood Place to Patricia Fogg for $158,000.

Thomas Deveno and Thomas Farone sold property at 2656 Route 9 to Archaeological Conservancy for $95,100.


Peter and Darcy Jones sold property at 43 Ralph St. to Yuen Muk Shui for $75,000.

Melissa Eaton sold property at 97 Greenfield Ave. to Rachel Taylor for $148,500.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property at 35 Whippletree Road to Christine Levy for $136,000.

Angelique and John Kaiser sold property at 46 Eastern Ave. to Julianne Torres for $164,500.

Daniel and Rebecca Wells sold property at 1 Coachman Dr. to Steven and Melissa Stein for $181,000.

Edmund Currier (by atty.), Richard Currier (by atty.) and Stacia Montgomery (as atty.) sold property at 555 Sherman Road to Antonio Ballestero for $100,000.

Carolyn Kaufmann sold property at 3 Maple Ave. to Janice Baird and Patricia Fonda for $158,000.

James Craig and Ann Hauprich sold property at 62 East Grove St. to US Bank National Association for $160,386.

Debra and John Daniele II sold property at 529 Acland Blvd. to Matthew Richardson for $225,000.

Kerry Murray sold property at 112 Malta Ave. to Michael and Bradlea Raga Barone for $300,000.

John and Denise Gary sold property at 9 Birch Tree Lane to Brian Phillips for $150,000.

Lenore Ahlquist sold property at 566 Victory Circle to Gary and Renee Damico for $218,000.

D. Alexander and Ann Wait (as trustees) and Ann Wait Trust sold property at 4 Pheasant Run to Linda Morin for $253,000.

B and D Properties LLC sold property at Stone Church Road to Brookview Court Inc. and Pigliavento Builders dba for $1,200,000.

Frederick and Barbara Heisler sold property at 82 and 83 Heisler Road to Loren and Heather Grimm for $375,000.

Frederick Dreher, Sr. sold property at 606 Sunny Lane to Matthew Dreher for $193,750.

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