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Saratoga County Property Transactions March, 2016

The property transactions listed below include sales in the Saratoga County Towns of Ballston, Malta and Milton and Villages of Ballston Spa and Round Lake filed with the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office from March 1 – March 31, 2016.


Briarwood Brooks Development LLC sold property at 5 Independence Trail to Jing Wang for $419,275.

Robert Coughlin, Jr. and Bruce and Rena McElroy sold property at 775 Goode St. to FVI Inc. for $137,500.

Briarwood Brooks Development LLC sold property at 11 Independence Trail to Andrew and Dia Ham for $365,988.

Daniel Keenan and Virginia Olthoff sold property at 107 Charlton Road to Justin and Jessica Yerdon for $262,500.

Kyle Kordich, Nicholas Verderese and Denise Verderese sold property at 13 Chesterwood Court to Richard Solosky for $102,000.

Christopher and Jennifer Martell sold property at 10 Rolling Brook Drive to Donald and Jennifer Duttine for $440,000.

Eric and Jennifer Christensen sold property at 119 Hop City Road to Daniel and Heidi Tatro for $437,000.

Traditional Builders sold property at 76 Beacon Street to Richard and Sandra Kaminski for $259,454.

Northway Fellowship sold property at 580 Goode Street to James and Colleen Dergosits for $365,800.

Margaret and Robert Grot sold property at 1029 Route 50 to Northeast Select Property Management $285,000.

Clarence and Helen Allen sold property at 120 Brookline Road to Jamaal Bacon for $158,000.


Adam Sweet sold property at 44 Burlington Ave. to Suzanne Hall Westcott for $157,000.

Scott Mushaw and Christopher Mushaw sold property at 46 Thimbleberry Road to George Bleuze and Virginia Whitney for $170,000.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 53 Admirals Way to Russell and Rachel Lachapelle for $431,050.

Michael Allen sold property at 43 Burlington Ave. to Adam and Myunghee Sweet for $200,000.

Morris Wheeler  and Paul Pelagalli sold property at 132 Thimbleberry Road to Federal National Mortgage Association for $217,576.

Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association and Fein, Such and Crane LLP sold property at 132 Thimbleberry Road to Glenn Hitchcock for $114,900.

Joseph and Joanne Rourke sold property at 20 Canopy Lane to Joseph and Christine Ihnatolya for $345,800.

Michaels Group LLC sold property at 18 Woodfield Court to Eileen and Raymond Fox, Jr. for $358,560.

Timothy and Margaret Jayko sold property at 35 Lindenwood Dr. to Lorent and Mary Ellen Rucinski for $310,000.

John and Cynthia Melander sold property at 2023 Rowley Road to Arthur Souliere for $350,000.

Jennifer Lewis sold property at 183 Arrowwood Place to Jenna Demarinis for $144,000.

Andrea Didomenico sold property at 6 Settlers Ridge North to Elm Lansing Realty Corp. for $351,000.

John Luke Development Co. LLC sold property at Lot 1 Maiden Circle to Kurt and Alice Foley for $389, 614.

H and L Development LLC sold property at 2 (Lot 16) Maple Forest Drive to Darren Herbinger Construction LLC for $93,000.

Darren Herbinger Construction LLC sold property at 2 Maple Forest Drive to Robert and Cynthia Louis for $325,000.

Michaels Group LLC sold property at 3 Woodfield Court to James and Maureen Murphy for $331,675.

Schweder Family Trust sold property at 2213 Route 9 to Daniel Estep for $106,000.

Melissa Ward sold property at 8 Thimbleberry Lane to Nicole Passante for $152,500.



Yvette Brown and Diane Lipson sold property at 14 Knollwood Hollow Terrace to Robert and Muna Pulling for $171,500.

Raymond, Dustin, Wayne and Cheri Lee Howe, Leanne Ball, Susan Talmadge and Debbie Constanzo sold property at 539 Sherman Road to Dominic, Nancy and Vincent Monaco for $144,000.

TRA TOM Development Inc. sold property at 908 McArthur Dr. to John Bastolla III for $300,715.

Richard Milanese III sold property at 1276 Armer Road to Frederick Warfield for $235,000.

Carrie Noll (as ref.) and Kenneth Kay (by ref.) sold property at 46 Deer Run Dr. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $206,188.

Charles Poulin sold property at 295 Greenfield Ave. to William and Eileen Cook for $68,000.

Michael Gresens sold property at 53 Division St. to William Hewitt III and Shelby Williams for $126,810.

Janet Guilfoyle and Dieter Bischofberger Life Estate sold property at 9 Amber Way to Andrey and Amanda Kiyanitsa for $179,900.

Karen Mercier sold property at 858 Rock City Road to SCH Communities LLC for $245,000.

Elmondo Properties LLC sold property at 16 Milton Ave. to David Gould and Jennifer Bacon for $235,000.

Paula and Kara Jantzen sold property at 16 Deerfield Place to National Residential Nominee Services Inc. for $202,500.

Robert Frisbie sold property at 300 Morning Kill Run to Jasen Payant and Kristen Williamson for $289,000.

Julie Francis and Kenneth Comstock sold property at 297 Greenfield Ave. to Secty. of Veterans Affairs for $307,808.

Holly Zapp, Ronald and Kathleen Westfall sold property at 17 North High St. to 17 N High St. LLC for $100,000.

Eric and Lisa Watson sold property at 254 Malta Ave. to Thomas Danison for $149,900.

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