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Remember When: Gardner’s Harness Shop

Here’s a bit about Gardner’s Harness Shop, according to Brookside Museum:

Gardner’s Harness Shop on Malta Avenue was in business with “Everything for the Horse” since before 1871 and through 1914. L. Gardner was the owner of the shop in 1871, according to a business gazetteer. At some point in the early 19th century, G.W. Gardner took over the business. G.W. Gardner was likely L. Gardner’s son. In 1914, an advertisement for the shop appears in the Ballston Spa directory, listing it as H.N. Gardner’s Harness Shop. As of 1915, there were no listings in the Ballston Spa directory for a harness shop, only that G.W. Gardner and H.N. Gardner were living on McMaster Street within a couple doors from each other. H.N. was most likely G.W.’s son.

It seems that the harness shop was a business passed on through at least three generations of Gardners in Ballston Spa. The shop most likely stood where the public parking lot is now — between the laundromat and the entrance to BACC. This is not confirmed, but it was on that side of the street.

A note of interest: The advertisement below the window bearing the name of the shop is a sign for “Dr. Lesure’s Warranted Veterinary Medicines.”

Do you have any information about the Gardners and their harness shop?

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