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Finding the Right Shoes for Your Race

One of the reasons running is so popular is because it’s cheap! You don’t need anything but shoes and the road under your feet. But what’s between your feet and the road makes a huge difference in how you feel while you’re running.

The first thing you need to decide before buying shoes is how long you’ll be running. If you’re planning to do this race but have no desire to run in the future, that will impact how much you spend. A typical pair of quality shoes is in the $80-120 range and can be run on for about 500 miles. If you will only be running one race, you can get away with buying less expensive shoes.

Second, you need to find a dedicated running shoe store to help you find the best shoe for your foot. Again, if this is your only race, this will not be as important. But the right shoe for your body and gait will help you feel more comfortable while running and avoid running-related injuries such as blisters and shin splints. Check out the shoe store finder on Runner’s World for a local shop near you that is staffed with seasoned runners who know how a shoe should fit.

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Third, know the answers to a few questions before you go. The employee who fits you will want to know how many miles per week you are running and what you are training for, and of course how much you plan to spend. They will probably also do some sort of gait analysis to see how you run and what areas of your foot are impacted the most. This will determine if you need a stability shoe or a shoe with less support. After that, they will bring out three different shoes in your price range for you to try on. Getting shoes at running shoe store is going to feel more like a trip to the eye doctor than a trip to DSW. You need to buy based on comfort and feel rather than style or color.

Once you buy some running shoes, only use them for running. Do not use them for other sports or as a fashion accessory. Keep track of how many miles you put on them—the Nike+ app helps track this—and replace them at 500 miles or after 6 months of running. With the proper shoes, you’ll feel better while you run, and afterward, too. Quality shoes protect your body from the impact of running and help you run happy.

Set a goal right now and sign up for the Scotties Stampede 5k!

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The primary goal of the Scotties Stampede 5k is to bring the community together and encourage students and families to participate in healthy and active lifestyles. Financially, the event will support the Ballston Spa Partnership for Innovation in Education Fund, a component fund of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region.

This field of interest fund is used to support the various innovative and mission-related programs throughout the district that include: Sponsor-A-Scholar, Robotics, the Performing & Fine Arts, STEM enrichment initiatives, and the Clean Technologies & Sustainable Industries Early College High School (Clean Tech ECHS). Over 50 partners from business and industry, non-profit organizations and government agencies currently support the Partnership Fund.



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