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Saratoga County Property Transactions April 2016

The property transactions listed below include sales in the Saratoga County towns of Ballston, Malta and Milton and villages of Ballston Spa and Round Lake filed with the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office from April 1-30, 2016.

Ballston and Ballston Spa

Anthony J. Centofanti Jr. and Margaret Centofanti sold property at 13 Marlyn Drive to Anthony J. Centofanti for $255,000.

William Reynolds (as ref.) and Richard Hardsog (by ref.) sold property at 25 Underpass Road to James Doyle for $231,021.

Lucas and Jessica Jefts sold property at 504 Randall Road to David and Jennifer Apffel for $393,975.

Traditional Builders Ltd. sold property at 52 Beacon St., Building 12, Unit D to Katherine Forrence for $243,365.

Carol Capone sold property at 44 Sycamore St. to Brookfield Relocation Inc. for $334,000.

CBAM LLC sold property at 1 Dominic Drive to Westminster Development LLC for $1,475,000.

Richard Depuy sold property at 20 Long Creek Drive to Cartus Financial Corporation for $350,000.

Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property at 7 Ironwood St. to Sarah Witte for $326,441.

Gordon and Karen Hallenbeck sold property at 788 Route 50 to William Borthwick for $310,910.

Matthew and Brandi Hall sold property at 322 Moonlight Drive to Theresa Budesheim for $243,000.

Dennis Pokrzywka sold property at 7 Sherwood Park Drive to Daniel and Brianna Thomas for $263,000.

Traditional Homebuilders and Developers Inc. sold property at 75 Lancaster Court to Robert Orilio for $325,777.

David L. Rubin sold property at 28 Midline Road to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. for $174,900.

Michael M. Barone and Bradlea E. Raga-Barone sold property at 114 McClean St. to Suzanne Golub for $165,000.

Gregory C. Moran and Allison D. Moran sold property at 440 Charlton Road to Garth Ellms for $405,000.

Anthony J. Arpey and Bonnie Arpey sold property at 106 Church Ave. to James B. Wilson for $195,000.

Malta and Round Lake

Helen Bulson and Paul May sold property at 2 Wineberry Lane to Mark Domijan for $208,000.

Malta Route 9 Associates LLC sold property at 2247, 2300, 2354, 2364 Route 9 Rear to AMR of Malta NY LLC for $2,006,800.

Michael and Holly Reilly sold property at 4 Cheryl Court to David Smith for $258,000.

Peter Suzuki and Erin Slater sold property at 1041 Raymond Road to Jozeanne Namocatcat for $315,000.

Jonathan and S. Abigail Kloptosky sold property at 2 Canopy Lane to Fei Yu and Shenglan Zheng for $396,000.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 49 Yachtsmans Way to Gary and Dorilee Male for $474,924.

Kay Katzer sold property at 5088 Nelson Ave. Ext. to ANW Holdings Inc. for $100,000.

ANW Holdings Inc. sold property at 5088 Nelson Ave. Ext. to Robert Frisbie and Jodi Werner for $100,000.

James Hollis sold property at 29 Arrowwood Place to Raymond Doria Jr. for $170,000.

Compromise at Noon LLC sold property at 530 Route 67 to Krunim Inc. for $1,300,000.

Alfred Haile Jr. sold property at 56 Glade Mallow Road to Spencer Meadows and Lindsay Thomas for $244,900.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 22 Galleon Drive to Richard and Laura Sheldon for $500,165.

Gabor and Catherine Deutsch sold property at 16 Fox Glove Way to Evan and Mia Nunez Fish for $359,900.

Alison Huck sold property at 70 Pepperbush Place to Renee Keeler for $164,000.

Stephen and Devan Ahern Felano sold property at 21 Candlewood Drive to Eric and Deborah Charbonneau for $330,000.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 5 Galleon Drive to William and Karen Rhodes (as co trustees) and Rhodes 2004 Revocable Trust for $478,520.

Christopher and Jennifer Madia sold property at 131 Arrow Wood Place to Ashley Comstock and Zackary Taylor for $175,000.

Blitman Rosen Development LLC sold property at 13 Callaghan Blvd. to Pipino Builders LLC for $103,250.

HM Ventures Inc. sold property at 18 Saratoga Farm Road to Steven and Rosemary Matthews for $170,000.

Raymond and Linda Bertrand sold property at 101 Wineberry Lane to Alyssa Whitcher for $210,000.


Nicholas Belmonte sold property at 30 Florence Drive to Amanda Belmonte and Patricia Battesh for $127,582.

Ryan Reddy sold property at 18 Van Tassel Lane to Brooke Winters for $205,000.

Andrew Janack sold property at 126 Deer Run Dr. to Thomas Perillo Jr. for $172,500.

Todd and Melvin Corbett (as co execs.) and Malcolm Aitken (by co execs.) sold property at 13 North Milton Road to Stephen, Nancy and John Otrembiak and Mary Wing for $120,000.

Jill St. George sold property at 3 Birchwood Court to John and Carolyn Bory for $209,000.

Robert and Barbara Ostrander sold property at 154 West Milton Road to Kathleen Iwaneczko for $65,300.

Traves and Meghan Bethel sold property at 777 Revolutionary Drive to Jason Morris and Kathryn Decorah for $262,000.

Mark Lynett sold property at 22 Dublin Drive to Scott and Lisa Cutting for $220,000.

Cheryl Prince sold property at 604 Elk Circle to Polly O’Connell for $192,000.

Danny and Patricia Bryant and Wallace Whalen sold property at 352 North Line Road to Michele Thomas (as trustee) and Wallace Whalen Irrevocable Trust for $50,000.

Christopher Wheeler and Melissa Crandell sold property at 822 Ediface Way to Andrew Sickles and Fiona Recchia for $300,000.

Lisa Lapin sold property at 3457 Galway Road to David and Susan Stenstrom for $250,000.

Matthew and Jillian Karpovich sold property at 226 Meadowlark Drive to Nathaniel Mowell for $233,500.

Samuel and Christina Gonzalez sold property at 245 Revere Drive to Dustin and Britannia Engelkes for $245,833.

William Richardson and Christopher and Keith Hahn sold property at 110 Independence Drive to Nathan and Megan Hand for $243,000.

University and Green LLC sold property at 18 Linden Lane to Timothy and Kaitlyn Dulski for $227,565.

University and Green LLC sold property at 19 Linden Lane to William and Constance Birdsall for $243,955.

Christopher Phillis sold property at 215 Meadowlark Drive to Sharee Flakes for $225,000.

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