Vodka Lemonade Cooking Wright with Donna: My Top 5 Drinks of Summer

Cooking Wright with Donna: My Top 5 Drinks of Summer

Hi Foodie Friends,

The first day of summer begins on June 20th, less than 2 weeks away. Are you ready to celebrate with one of my favorite drinks? You betcha! Here are my Top 5 Drinks of Summer:

If you don’t know me, I am a lover of red wine. Throw me a cab any day, and I will be your best friend. Once the warm weather rolls in, a warm glass of red just doesn’t cut it. No,  I will not add ice to my wine! I have had the privilege to try a rose.  Saratoga Sparkling Rose.  Made right here in lovely Saratoga County. It’s refreshing but dry, made with pinot noir and chardonnay grapes. This will quench your thirst the moment you pop the cork. Thank you to Katy for introducing me to a fabulous wine.

saratoga sparkling rose wine

One of my all-time favorite alcoholic thirst quenchers would be vodka and lemonade. Tito’s Vodka is my favorite. Smooth and sexy when you mix it with a little tart, you will belly up at the bar or your patio table making pitchers of these. I recently made a “few” while entertaining friends. I had some strawberry daiquiri mix, and I added a splash for color. Topped it off with some lime and a strawberry. YUM! Tito’s was flowing!

Vodka Lemonade Cooking Wright with Donna:  My Top 5 Drinks of Summer

Nothing is better than brunch on a Sunday afternoon with a bloody mary in your hand. I love a good spicy bloody mary. When I was in Cancun, this was my breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner. They went perfectly with the ocean and sun. Even though an ocean isn’t what I’m looking out my patio door, I will be happy to sit in my deck and stare out in the woods while slurping a bloody mary and tanning!


Let’s flip the script a bit and talk about beer. I do like beer, mainly a Coors Light or Yuengling. I am far from a beer snob: I don’t like dark beers, and I don’t like flavored beers, such as pumpkin ale or any of those fall beers. Give me a PBR in a coolie, and I’m good to go. But, I can’t pass up an ice-cold Corona with lime! Oh…Em…Gee. June and July are travel softball months, which means my weekends get to be spent on a hot softball field for hours. Nothing is more perfect than coming home to a fridge of Coronas.


Summer can’t be summer unless you have a margarita! Don’t margaritas scream summer? I can only drink one in the summer, not in the fall, winter or even spring. Summer it is. My sister can make a mean margarita. Frozen or on the rocks? Well, it depends on the margarita mood I am in. Either way, salt my rim, and let’s call it a day!


Well, there you go, my favorite Top 5 Drinks of Summer. What will you be basking in the sun with in your hand? Please share your favorite drink with me.

Happy Summer!

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