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Saratoga County Property Transactions May 2016

The property transactions listed below include sales in the Saratoga County towns of Ballston, Malta and Milton and villages of Ballston Spa and Round Lake filed with the Saratoga County Clerk’s Office from May 1-31, 2016.

Ballston and Ballston Spa

Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property at 3 Horseshoe Bend to Claudio and Christina Palleschi for $436,600.

Kathleen Kuznia (as exec.) and Susan Neville (by exec.) sold property at 147 Church Ave. to Carla Ackerly and Ronald Harrower for $225,000.

Wells Fargo Bank (as trustee) sold property at 15 Nolan Road to FS D14 LLC for $70,314.

Margaret Michalec sold property at 165 Lake Road to Teresa and William Bashant, Jr. for $136,000.

Traditional Homebuilders and Developers Inc. sold property at 17 Katharine Court to Gregory Podgorski for $345,611.

Joseph Hammer (as ref.) and Floyd and Tina Wolf (by ref.) sold property at 174 Eastside Drive to U.S. ROF III Legal Title Trust 2015 (by legal title trustee) and U.S. Bank National Association (as legal title trustee) for $31,502.

Matthew Beane and Kristen Kolakowski sold property at 22 McClean St. to Matthew Hickey for $155,000.

William Firth (as ref.) and Donald and Cheryl Sicker (by ref.) sold property at 14 Nolan Road to Wilmington Savings Fund Society (as trustee), Christiana Trust (dba as trustee) and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust for $169,792.

Chad and Kierra Perkins sold property at 530 Reita St. to Michael Nittinger for $190,000.

Trustco Bank sold property at 11 Edgewood Dr. to Michael and Erika Ferracane for $230,000.

Briarwood Brooks Development LLC sold property at 16 America Way to Matthew and Kristen Nathan for $419,900.

Herbert and Susan Doig sold property at 36 Lawmar Lane to Edmund and Jacqueline Gutierrez for $232,000.

Keith Furman and Dorothy Furman Irrevocable Trust sold property at 15 Sherwood Park Dr. to Eric Laflamme for $163,000.

Giovanni and Patricia Di Stasio sold property at 5 Winchester Dr. to Donald and Natascha Fawthrop for $403,000.

Maureen Forsyth sold property at 27 Mann Road to Carlton and Mary Stephens for $294,900.

Susan Heselton and Barbara Button and Dorothy Montayne Family Trust and Life Estate sold property at 601 Cindy Lane to Daniel and Amber Schiller for $237,000.

Thuy Lieu sold property at 215 Sunset Ave. to Leland and Christina Campbell for $168,000.

Malta and Round Lake

Penny Hardenstine sold property at 251 Thimbleberry Road to Ryan and Alicia Pierce for $165,000.

Lydia Hoffman sold property at 36 Burlington Ave. to Daniel and Jane Pearson Curtis for $245,000.

James and Kellie McMorris sold property at 1 Chango Drive to Darren O’Connor for $192,500.

Mark and Tara Frontera sold property at 39 Hill Road to John Pulliam for $238,500.

Vicki and Vincent Savini Jr. sold property at 12 Woodmint Place to Nicole Jackson for $265,000.

Robert and Jennifer Graybeal sold property at 1 Sand Spurrey Road to Scott and Maneeporn Kasempin Runkel for $250,000.

Robert Coan (as ref.) and Michael Furman (by ref.) sold property at 1198 Laural Lane to Federal National Mortgage Association for $338,293.

Dominick Pugh sold property at 19 Wake Robin to Michael Christofferson for $172,000.

Robin Kay sold property at 34 Thistle Drive to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. for $290,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. sold property at 34 Thistle Drive to Lea Becker for $290,000.

Carol Seymour sold property at 275 Thimbleberry Road to Mark and Christine Shaer for $168,000.

Diane Bulson sold property at 63 Pepperbush Place to Sean Mansfield for $139,900.

Eric Mohr sold property at 85 Pepperbush Place to Donald and Deanna Roessler for $153,000.

Luke Michaels sold property at 26 Evans Road to Nicholas Franzese for $365,000.

National Transfer Services LLC sold property at 43 Bayberry Drive to Mujtaba Hasnain for $315,000.

Steven Wilson and Monifa Cambrelen sold property at 43 Bayberry Drive to National Transfer Services LLC for $340,000.

Scott and Amanda Zurich Mulholland sold property at 2159 Rowley Road to Markham and Kristin McNary for $360,000.

Richard and Kathleen Lynch sold property at 7 Walden Glen to Theresa Manilenko and Benjamin Batty for $209,900.

Thomas and Jacqueline Martin sold property at 125 Arrow Wood Place to Brian and Kathy Kranendonk for $146,000.

Amber and Daniel Schiller sold property at 64 Pepperbush Place to Arthur and Wilma Mosley for $180,000.

Yvonne Delliveneri sold property at 92 Pepperbush Place to Lauren Garthe for $150,000.

Brian Kaplan sold property at 4 Woodmint Place to Michael Mueller for $230,000.

Michael Basile and Amy Federico sold property at 16 Pepperbush Place to Federal National Mortgage Association for $246,336.

Patricia Alvarez sold property at 21 Wineberry Lane to Matthew Bollow for $207,000.

Kathleen Tortorello sold property at 11 Sonja Lane to Robert and Amanda Powers for $405,000.

Victor Mallison sold property at 49 Meadow Rue Place to Elizabeth McNally and Michael Salvione for $259,500.

Marisa and Roger Jaynes, Jr. sold property at 576 Eastline Road to Mackenzie Atwood for $271,900.

DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property at 19 Vettura Court to Steven and Martina Leibiger for $314,900.

El Bataa Khamis sold property at 86 Wineberry Lane to Joanne Perniciaro for $270,000.


William Heflin sold property at 16 Limerick Lane to Robert and Melissa Bond for $300,000.

Jeff, Lance and Eric Evers, Stephen Mainville and Harriet Evers Life Estate sold property at 504 Middle Grove Road to Christine Diggins for $84,800.

University and Green LLC sold property at 11 Linden Lane to Richard and Sally Yellin for $235,265.

Luke and Cassandra Boucher Kjelland sold property at 422 Northline Road to Peter Pardi for $168,000.

Rita Young (as ref.) and Michelle and Adele Compton (by ref.) sold property at 443 Englehart Road to Mirabeau Properties LLC for $82,242.

Thomas and Audrey O’Neill sold property at 30 Old Glory Road to Christopher and Brenda Malaney Gore for $241,000.

Mark Lynett sold property at 16 Lancaster Place to Shahriar and Faryha Chowdhury for $190,000.

University and Green LLC sold property at 17 Linden Lane to Garrett Kissel for $231,865.

Frederick Partyka (as ref.) and Georgianna Crannell (by ref.) sold property at 297 Saratoga Ave. to 2100 Doubleday LLC for $103,300.

U.S. Bank National Association (as trustee) and Nationstar Mortgage LLC (as atty.) sold property at 62 East Grove St. to Paul and Elizabeth Gadoua for $77,700.

CV XXVII LLC sold property at 54 Union St. to George and Carolyn Hannah for $133,500.

Deborah Gula sold property at 15 Glen St. to Anne Jorgensen for $203,000.

University and Green LLC sold property at 20 Linden Lane to Joseph and Karen Morandi Isabella for $232,290.

Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property at 547 Rowland St. to Kevin and Deanna Alex for $326,500.

Robert Pulsifer (as ref.) and Kelsey and Kevin Rosell (by ref.) sold property at 1259 Armer Road to Federal National Mortgage Association for $417,059.

Robert Henry (as exec.) and William Henry (by exec.) sold property at 109 Locust Ct. to Jason and Samantha Paull for $190,000.

David and Judith Forshay sold property at 176 West North St. to Brenna Sharp for $133,000.

Kathleen Peartree (ind. and as trustee), Timothy Peartree (as trustee) and Kathleen Peartree Living Trust sold property at 9 Glen St. to Stack Properties Management LLC for $127,000.

Gary and William Lewis and Doris Emigh sold property at 6003 County Farm Road to Gary Lewis for $50,000.

William and Jessica Ahrens sold property at 311 Emmett St. to Sean and Amanda McDonald for $219,900.

John and Judith Pastore sold property at 250 West North St. to Casey Avery for $166,000.

James and Stephanie Murray sold property at 10 River Rock Dr. to Joseph and Nichole Moeller for $248,040.

Rock City Road Development Co. LLC sold property at 32 River Rock Dr. Jessica Kohler and Anthony Blustor $350,000.


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