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Publisher’s Pen: Walmart Still Forging Ahead

While it “seems” quiet, plenty has been happening behind the scenes to bring Walmart to the Town of Ballston.  

One of my all time favorite reporters, Steve Williams, of the Daily Gazette reminds us that it’s been almost a year since the heat, the sweat and the voices were heard about the project.  In his blog about the topic, it looks like road construction is planned in the next few months with an actual store opening next year.

The final approval from NYS Department of Transportation seems to be all that is left for it to begin.

READ Off the Northway by Stephen Williams, Daily Gazette, Aug. 5, 2016

The 137,000 square foot store was approved by the Town of Ballston Planning Board back in September, 2015 after several heated exchanges between the Rossi family, property owners and residents opposing the project.  This is the second time that Walmart has looked at the property as an option for one of their stores.

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Steve is right about DOT paying attention to the traffic but my greater concern falls less on Route 50, that’s being heavily addressed by Walmart.

We have to wonder who is watching the store when it comes to Route 67 between Curtis Lumber and the traffic circle at State Farm Insurance.

From my chair, I see a real clash of major concern coming and I cannot be the only one to see it.  On the dividing line between the Towns of Ballston and Malta, there is a small asphalt plant approved, a larger residential development at the East Line intersection right across from Stewart’s and just a short distance away, a regional aquatic center reported to be of Olympic caliber.

Here’s the thing, the asphalt plant is a fraction of the size of a full sized plant and the production will hit seasonal peaks and valleys.  The aquatic center is proposed to be busier during evening hours.  Residents of the new community will assumingly add to the peak hour traffic points like normal folks and even with traffic points addressed from the new Walmart, these other projects weren’t originally part of those approvals and discussions.

It all looks great on paper, right?

The problems we have in the Village of Ballston Spa and on Route 67 all point back to NYS DOT waiting until seemingly there is a horrible disaster, a loss of life, before they take notice.  A sentiment shared with me in confidence from someone very close to the layers of discussions and development around Malta.

We can scream, hoot and holler all we want to at local officials but I’m thinking we are yelling at the wrong people at the wrong time some days.

Stay vigilante my friends and neighbors. I know we are frustrated with politics on all levels but, stay vigilante…

Angela McFarland
Chief Creative Officer and Ad Whisperer 

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