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Opinion: The Silence Is Deafening From The Local Republican Candidates

Why is Mary Beth Walsh Not Speaking Out For Women and the Military?

Joe Landry, Schenectady County Democratic Committee Chairman, is calling on all Republican candidates to denounce Donald Trump for his recent remarks about women, the military, and threats of “assassination.”

Mary Beth Walsh, Republican candidate for the 112th NYS Assembly seat, has yet to denounce Donald Trump for his recent offensive comments about women and the military. “Donald Trump’s assumption that the 72 million women in the United States workforce could just quit their job if they were the victim of sexual harassment demonstrates how out of touch he is,” said Chairman Joe Landry. “The vast majority of women rely on their salaries to put food on the table, and they cannot just quit their jobs. Encouraging victims to quit their jobs, instead of holding offenders responsible for their disgraceful actions, is an antiquated approach that justifies discrimination and is not acceptable in today’s society,” continued Chairman Landry.

“Further, Donald Trump’s attack on a Gold Star family demonstrates his unfitness to serve as Commander in Chief of the United States military. Mary Beth Walsh, on behalf of her husband who is a veteran, should be outraged by these comments by Mr. Trump,” stated Chairman Landry.

“We ask Mary Beth Walsh to stand up for women and the members of our military and denounce these comments by the Republican Presidential Candidate. Also, as one who is running for public office, she is in a unique position to encourage voters to respect our democratic processes and to cast a ballot for a candidate, rather than emboldening lawlessness,” said Chairman Landry.

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