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Woman In The Moon Astrology: New Moon in Virgo

What a way to start September!!  The New Moon has a Solar Eclipse attached to it on Thursday, September 1st – they are both in the sign of Virgo.  Virgo is the sign related to health and work.  Virgo is all about being systematic, fastidious and thorough.  A New Moon and Solar Eclipse is about new beginnings and it is brought to a personal level.  This is a time when we should build our powers of healthy, constructive discrimination; learn to be more proactive; start a new health and fitness routine.  Set up specific routines that will help us manage our lives in mindful ways and learn the “power of now” .This is a time when we can learn to master the “little” details of our day to day lives in a more organized manner so we can free our minds of clutter

Flaws in an important system in our lives are revealed around the time of the eclipse, prompting us to redo or to turn to a fresh start. We may find ourselves completely re-working this area of life.  Virgo sees the flaws in systems regardless of what those systems happen to be.

This New Moon is a tough one with the Sun and Moon opposing Neptune and square Mars and Saturn. We may be wrestling with expectations and dealing with reality checks now, which can clear the path for new beginnings. Some feelings of disillusionment can come now as our dreams and ideals can be put to the test.  We are all being asked in one way or another to reevaluate our work environment and daily structure of our lives.

Adding prayer, meditation or Yoga to your daily routine.  During eclipses we are set up for accelerated growth and changes, which mean, for some of us, major life changes that will come in stages. We need to adapt to the changes in our material world or our worlds will feel very unpredictable.  Eclipses always bring us to a point that we never expected so we cannot even prepare that much for the unexpected.

ARIESOn Thursday a New Moon eclipse starts a new cycle of how you factor in your work, daily routines and service to others.  This is all happening in your 6th House of work and health and it is affecting those of you born March 27 – April 6 most strongly. At the same time Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius are kicking you out of your comfort zone to travel, study and widen your horizons.  There’s a definite tug of war going on. 

TAURUS ~ The New Moon eclipse in Virgo is giving you a ticket to ride, so, just enjoy being yourself. It’s traveling through your 5thhouse of socializing, romance and children.  Make your mantra:  “I am in the perfect place, at the perfect time”. This eclipse-and September’s amazing astrology- is a gateway to finding your authentic means of expressing yourself.  April 26 – May 6th birthdays feel the vibes in a big way.

GEMINI ~   Just like ET, this week’s glorious astrology is pointing you in the direction of home with a capital H. The New Moon eclipse is going through your 4th house of home and family.  Not only is your ruler Mercury in a warm embrace with both Venus and Jupiter as it slows to turn backwards, but a stunning New Moon eclipse in Virgo closes down one weary cycle and kick starts something far better. You have an opportunity to create a loving stable sanctuary for yourself – both inner and outer. Ask yourself: what would that look like? What would it feel like? And what’s my first step? Twins that are born May 27 – June 7th are asking these questions loud and clear!

CANCER ~ For you as a Cancerian, there’s a lot to think about in this stunning astrology. There are going to be 6 planets plus a New Moon eclipse in Virgo this week in your 3rd House of communications suggesting that it’s time to expand beyond the familiar four walls of your mind. Imagine that your way of seeing your world, your beliefs and knowledge are all ripe for new information. This New Moon eclipse will shake up your mental circuitry, your perceptions and world view. Your old ways of thinking and communicating aren’t working so well any more. Take a class, meet new and different people and blow your own mind.  June 26- July 6 birthdays are talking it up the loudest!

LEO ~   Two new cycles are wiping the slate clean for you endowing you with more energy and passion for life than you’ve felt for a long time. First Mars and Saturn are turning your motivation for creative self- expression into a celebration.  You’ve felt trapped in a box for so long, just be careful you don’t set the world on fire too fast -channel your energy into one big intriguing possibility. Then there’s the New Moon eclipse on Thursday bringing a blast of fresh air to all the ways you usually use money and resources.  What riches do you already have that you can package in service for others while building your own financial security?  July 26-August 7th Lions are feeling the possibilities in a big way.

VIRGO ~ Are you feeling a sense of excitement or anticipation yet? You are heading into one of the most liberating periods of recent years as September opens. There are 6 planets lighting up your sign, holding a mirror to your true Self-the one who is here to shine, not hide. The New Moon eclipse is traveling through the constellation of Virgo and affecting August 26-September 6th birthdays most strongly.  An eclipse will pose questions to all of us, in your case this month it’s:  Does your personal style and approach match who you have become?  September will bring on acts of courageous independence and bold moves in the direction of your dreams.

LIBRA ~   So much is going on deep in your unconscious just out of sight that will change your life in the month to come. You only have to trust and allow it to develop until September 10th when Jupiter (generous blessings) enters your sign for the next year. Thursday’s New Moon eclipse is in your 12th House of the meditative, dream state. You are being reminded that you’re a soul having a human experience during your time on earth. This influence helps to keep your mind, body & spirit in a state of wellbeing. This is hugely important if you are to have enough fuel to take giant steps in the coming months.

SCORPIO ~ It’s another intense, fast paced week ahead as Mercury turns retrograde on Wednesday, the 31st.  The Sept. 1st New Moon eclipse is a cosmic wild card, bringing change out of the blue, seemingly out of thin air. This one is eclipsing your 11th House of friends, networks and alliances suggesting a changing of the guard in your people landscape. Your dreams, hopes, wishes and goals are all up for review. Do they still hold the power of attraction or are they past their sell by date? Do they match who you are now? Brainstorm your wildly impossible goals – then take the first step towards them. Create a Desire Map by asking yourself – how do I want to feel in each area of my life?

SAGITTARIUS ~  Since the autumn of 2015 aspects of your life have been turned upside down by eclipses across your career and home zones. The very underpinnings of your security have been rattled.  You are still standing with much more resilience and resourcefulness. This coming month the two final eclipses sign off & not to return for another 19 years-that’s the good news. Before that, starting on Thursday September 1st, a New Moon eclipse in your career zone will set off an unpredictable chain of events. As long as you play it straight, do the work and under promise and over deliver, you could be recognized on a whole new level. November 27 – Dec. 6th birthdays are feeling overwhelmed by the life lessons on their path.

CAPRICORN ~  September gets off to an unpredictable start as a New Moon eclipse in your 9th House of adventure and higher learning is accented.  Your ruling planet, Saturn is excavating old limiting beliefs and habits and you’re beginning to feel ready for an injection of new life.  Eclipses show you where you’ve outgrown old behaviors and this one will shake up your mental circuitry, attitudes and your worldview. If you think you know it all, you’re in for a shock. It’s time to learn to communicate more effectively, to learn, to teach, to grow. So step outside your comfort zone, join a class, take a trip, meet new people and watch what happens.  December 26January 6thbirthdays are being tapped for this change the most.

AQUARIUS ~ The coming week and the month of September promises to be a time of personal discovery and reinvention as long as you’re ready to take trip on a magical mystery tour. As a Fixed sign you can sometimes hold onto things, people and circumstances for too long, despite thinking of yourself as a change agent.  The New Moon eclipse on Thursday the 1st in your 8th House is a reminder that change is the only permanent thing in our lives, that security is a convenient fiction and that only by stripping away the non-essentials will you find what really matters-the pot of gold. It’s a time to let down your defenses, open your heart to those who matter and let yourself be vulnerable.   There is also a twin theme of  “other people’s money” that figures into the mix.  January 26-February 6thbirthdays are feeling the strength of this eclipse.  Question:  Who would you be if you had nothing to lose?

PISCES ~  Since autumn 2015 your most important relationships have been turned inside out and upside down. So much so that you are probably still reeling from the fallout of March’s eclipse in your own sign. Take heart! Thursday’s New Moon eclipse in your 7th House of partnership promises a clean slate and a fresh start, helping you to build on the strong foundations of resilience and resourcefulness you’ve had to develop. For you as a Pisces, it’s all about becoming independent yet willing and able to share instead of being co-dependent or leaning too heavily on someone else for your emotional security. Questions to ponder might be: Are my relationships reflecting who I am today? Is my personal style helping or hindering my relationships? Are my boundaries too strong or too weak?  This transit is coming on strong especially for February 26 – March 6th birthdays.

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