Letter to the Editor: Biz not Lawyer

I was amazed at the mailings I received from the Mary Beth Walsh campaign committee touting her law firm as a job producer and therefore burnishing her economic development credentials. Since when did lawyers and their firms become economic developers? Yes, law firms do produce jobs, but are not the type of job producers that upstate New York or our area needs.

We need business people, with knowledge and know how to represent us in Albany. We have enough lawyers in the state legislature, and quite frankly, that is why we are in the shape we are in. We have among the highest taxes in the country and the least friendly business climate to attract or retain businesses both big and small.

That is why I’m supporting Jim Fischer for Assembly! He is a successful businessman that understands the plight of the small business owner and knows what it will take to create an environment to bring business and jobs to our region. He will bring a perspective to Albany that is clearly lacking amongst our state representatives. He will provide his expertise to help fight for and promote a business friendly climate in our State that would help bring in good paying jobs that are so badly needed in this region. The bottom line is we need more business people in Albany, not lawyers. We need Jim Fischer in the Assembly.

Reimund Manneck

Clifton Park


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