Jim Fischer

Letter to the Editor: Fischer explains run for Assembly

Since announcing my intention to run in a Republican primary to replace Jim Tedisco in the Assembly, who is running for the State Senate this year, I have been asked numerous times why I would choose to primary the endorsed candidate. There are several reasons.

First, I believe I am the best candidate for the position. Constituents of the 112th Assembly District are used to having a passionate fighter like Jim Tedisco representing them in Albany. That is exactly the type of person we need to stand up to the downstate Democrats who dominate the Assembly, and that’s exactly the kind of person I am. I’m a principled conservative with a strong sense of justice and am not intimidated by bullies.

Secondly, while I have consistently advocated for conservative policy proposals, my opponent has waffled on many issues important to Republican voters, including the SAFE Act, ethics reform policies, the proposed 47% pay raise for legislators and sanctity of life. I have been very clear on where I stand and am prepared to defend my positions. She seems to want to avoid having to discuss these topics. I think the voters deserve to know exactly what their prospective representatives believe before casting a vote. If a candidate avoids answering questions now, then how can we be sure they will represent our interests once in office?

Finally, why shouldn’t our party have a choice about who will represent us on the ballot in November? Certainly we’ve witnessed that Republican voters are fed up with the status quo in Washington. Could it be that they are equally fed up with the status quo in Albany? It’s time that we send truly independent conservative Republicans to Albany to stand up against the corruption and back door deals that are selling out upstate. Otherwise we will continue to be among the worst states in taxation,regulation, and job growth, and residents and businesses will keep leaving our beloved state

This September 13, voters have a choice between the handpicked candidate of the Albany insiders, whose husband is their political lawyer, and a truly independent small business owner who is fed up with the status quo and is ready to stand for them and help make upstate win again.

With your vote on September 13, we can send a loud and clear message to Albany that “The status quo has got to go!”

Jim Fischer


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