Mary Beth Walsh

Letter to the Editor: Defending Upstate’s Economy and Values

Free college tuition for illegal immigrants. The highest property taxes in the nation. Stomping on our Second Amendment rights. Overbearing standardized testing on our children. Giving prisoners a free college education.

Each of these items sounds troubling at best. But they are the priorities of Assembly Democrats who have left the Upstate economy and values in ruins and shambles

As your next Assemblywoman, I’ll make it my mission to defend Upstate’s economy and values.

I’m a proven tax fighter and small-business owner. As Town Councilwoman in Ballston, I ensured Ballston remained Town Tax Free. And we did so without compromising the quality of services and programs. Communities flourish when government is limited and doesn’t meddle in everyday life. Albany is in need of more people who believe that.

I’m proud to have helped to build a thriving business from the ground up. I’ve balanced budgets and have worried about meeting payroll and providing quality health insurance to employees. I’ve seen the most successful ways to help businesses grow while creating jobs. I’ve seen big government policies that have decimated family businesses and employment opportunities.

I’ve been an advocate and attorney who has been honored to protect the rights of vulnerable children and families. I know what policies help strengthen families and those from Albany that tear them apart.

I’m asking to be your advocate in Albany.

I’ll fight to lower property taxes so middle-class families can keep more of their hard-earned money. I’ll oppose free college tuition for illegal immigrants, while supporting an increase in financial aid for college students.

I’ll never waver from protecting our Second Amendment rights, and support a full repeal of the SAFE Act.

I will support term limits.

I will seek support for those struggling with heroin addiction and will work to equip our law enforcement and treatment providers with the tools they need to fight this growing and tragic epidemic.

Some candidates in this race will talk about taking on the ‘legislative machine,’ but I’m the only candidate in this race with the will, spine and record to do so. We need a strong advocate, like Jim Tedisco, to keep fighting for the Upstate economy and values, and I know I can and will be that person.

Mary Beth Walsh


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