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Woman In The Moon Astrology: Full Moon in Aries

Not all Full Moons are created equal.  The last 3 that occurred over the summer months were actually pleasant and brought positive energies to many of us.  The October 16th Full Moon is setting the stage for all of us to be very aware of our surroundings.  Full moons bring feelings to the surface, and this one is due to be exciting and/or upsetting, and there is almost no way to know which way things will go. It’s not the time during the next week to take big risks –  keep it simple!  It is, however, a time that is loaded with surprises.  Not only is the Moon conjunct the surprise-a-minute Uranus, but will be in harsh angle to pushy, domineering Pluto. Be an observer at this time – heroes don’t win this one. Remember to read both your Sun sign and your Rising (Ascendant) too.

LIBRA – This full moon is traveling through your 7th House of Life and affecting your close relationships.  The Moon in Aries is conjunct the  unpredictable planet Uranus – with Uranus you never know what to expect. The full moon will also be in hard angle to Pluto and Mars both in your home sector. Feelings are running high and drama can play out at this time.  Arguments get triggered easily.  Just keep your cool and this too shall pass. If your birthday falls on October 16 plus or minus four days, you will feel the effects of this full moon. Lie low and be the true peace maker that you are.
On October 16, the full moon will be conjunct Uranus and in your 6th house of work and health.  Whatever event or news that surfaces at work at that time will come suddenly and out from left field.  You could find yourself at odds with “the boss” –  you say stop and he says go.  You may have to keep your opinions to yourself at this time.  Things are changing quickly and everyone around you is running to fix what’s wrong.  It’s a tense time.  November 10 – 19th Scorpios are on the receiving end of this the most.

The area of your chart being focused on by the full moon October 16 also rules your health. Your nerves many be getting the best of you.  Remember that there really is a mind/body connection and stress can have you out of balance.  You will start to come into your own once the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 22. Your strength will return, you’ll feel more optimistic, and things will start to go your way.

SAGITTARIUS – The October 16th Full Moon is affecting your life as it travels through your  5th house of romance, creativity and children.. The full moon will come conjunct the unpredictable planet Uranus and because Uranus will oppose the Sun, something is coming to critical mass.  Your romantic life will be the focus and so the person you love may act erratically or may surprise you in a wonderful way.  It’s likely a situation with money.  One of your children could need your help at this time.

If your birthday falls on December 12 -19th, you will feel this full moon more than most other members of your sign. However, you fare better than others because Uranus is actually in a good angle to your  Sun sign, so although things will come up suddenly you are likely to handle them well.

CAPRICORN  – This Full Moon of October 16th  is affecting your 4th House of home and family.

It may force you to switch your attention away from your career for several days when your home or a parent or other close relative will require tension, quickly. The moon will be conjunct Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments. You may be tending to a female relative, like your mother, or someone you think of as a mother.

If it is not about a relative, it would involve your physical home, or other real estate you may own or manage. The Sun is involved but under stress, so you will likely have to find funds to improve the situation. Uncertainty is in the air and obstacles are likely to come up.

If your birthday falls January 11 -18th, you will feel this full moon.  Try to keep your schedule simple.

AQUARIUS  ~ It’s an unstable time for all communications you are involved in during the October 16th Full Moon.  Your 3rd House governs thinking, speaking & writing expressions of every kind and for the next week you can expect to see it topsy turvey.  Not the best time to sign a contract, wait until the end of the month.  Uranus is your ruling planet, the planet of unexpected developments, creativity, disruption, genius, rebellion, and independence.  This full moon is not only conjunct the surprise-a-minute Uranus, but will be in harsh angle to pushy, domineering Pluto.

If your birthday falls between February 9-17th, the activities that lead up to this time could be to your benefit.  You are usually comfortable with your ruling planet Uranus dishing out the changes – it’s just that Pluto is involved as well and the element of surprise along with ruling with an iron fist is evident.  

PISCES – The full moon of October 16 is traveling through your 2nd House of Money.  Because it is so volatile, it might bring a setback about money.     This full moon comes conjunct Uranus, the planet of all things change, so the topic that comes up will seem to come out of the blue.

Having the planet of surprises exactly conjunct this full moon would be enough to rattle anyone, but further, Pluto and Mars will be in hard angle to that full moon in from your eleventh house of friends, hopes, and wishes. You may have to put off buying something you had your heart set on, but only temporarily. This could involve a friend or someone you do business with who is applying the pressure for you to come up with the money to invest in something you are not so sure about.  Don’t turn a blind eye to this.

ARIES – The full moon in Aries is affecting you in a big way.  Tension is in the picture and you may feel the need to bolt and run.  I know you like a good argument Aries but you may want to back away and make love- not war – as it was said in the 60’s.  Often if a full moon has news for you, it will show up, one way or another, but don’t look for it. Just open the window and see what flies in.

If your birthday falls April 8- 18th you will feel this full moon the most.  Arguments don’t end well for you dear Aries – so keep it simple. The months end is much smoother.

TAURUS – Your 12th House of behind the scenes, quiet, meditative healing dreams is accented during this Oct. 16th Full Moon.   Something that has been hidden is likely come out in the open now.  For the next week issues will pop up quickly and will catch you by surprise.  You will most likely feel pressure coming from someone who wants to push their issues on you.  Forewarned is Forearmed as the old saying goes. You can be easy going to a point but this is pushing your buttons. No need to make a decision or sign on the dotted line right now.

Tiptoe around this full moon, dear Taurus, especially those of you born May 9- 17th.

GEMINI – Your 11th House of friends, groups and organizations are highlighted.  It’s an odd month for you and everyone because what went well on October 1st won’t workout for you around this mid-month Full Moon,.  It’s an emotional, unpredictable week where you feel the pressure to conform to someone else’s way of thinking.  Double check your plans and communications to see that they are solid –  what can go haywire will go haywire given the opportunity.  You have a keen ability to role with the changes but even you are being caught unaware.  Those around you are very emotional – don’t underestimate that.   June 9- 17th birthdays are right in the thick of quick, sudden change.

CANCER – The full moon is affecting your 10th House of careers and how the general public view you.  This full moon of October 16 ushers in news that is out of left field from management or a client that has you very uncomfortable.  No one is comfortable during the next week.  It’s not the time to take a stand and certainly not the time to put anything in writing and sign on the dotted line.  Be ready for the unexpected to happen.  Out of all the signs you like having security and certainty and this week doesn’t look promising.  July 9-18thbirthdays are feeling the strain the most.

LEO – This is a Full Moon that produces tension and drama.  You know a thing or two about drama, dear Leo.  This Oct. 16th moon is affecting your 9th House of long distance travel, higher learning and spirituality.  Change and tension are certain.  You like to be in control and in charge but you’ll meet with opposition during the next 7 days.  You rarely walk away from a good fight but you may want to be prepared to say No Thank You to any invitations to fight.  Relatives may be pushing your buttons but just don’t add to the controversy.  August 9-18th Leos are out of sorts and cranky on this one.

VIRGO – Your 8th House of Money from outside sources is being highlighted during the week ahead.  The full moon, October 16 in Aries, will not be helpful and could be downright tension producing. Credit cards, bank loans etc. are not getting the green light this week ahead.  There’s a fly in the ointment and this fly is annoying you because it brings up a sudden expense that jars you. Uranus, the planet of unpredictable events, is conjunct the moon and directly opposite the Sun.  If you can avoid making a commitment at this time, please do because emotions are flying. It’s just for 1 week then the air clears and you have breathing room again. .  September 9-20th birthdays are in the thick of this one.

Keep reaching for the Stars!!

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