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Woman In the Moon Astrology: Scorpio and the New Moon

SCORPIO friends this New Moon is for you!  So if you were born a Scorpio (sun sign) or if you have Scorpio rising, be sure and read this. If you don’t know your rising sign – let me construct a chart.

Remember, the New Moon is for new beginnings – planting new seeds and watching them grow. The new moon in Scorpio on October 30 will be your cosmic gift certificate to use any way you please! Each month I tell you how best to use a new moon’s energy, which lasts approximately 1-2 weeks. New moons set the stage for your actions to take hold. Those actions can carry you forward for many months. So take this window of time opportunity to dream BIG!!!
What do you want more of in your life? What new endeavor would you like to set into? Put your intention out there – now is the time. You may be able to have that wish in your hands.
If your birthday falls between October 23- Nov. 2nd, your entire year ahead will be filled with new opportunities. All Scorpios of every birthday will be celebrating this new moon, but you will get a double dip of pleasure. Look to see if you have planets in Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, all at 3-13 degrees, plus or minus five degrees.
Happy Birthday Dearest Scorpio Friends!!!
Sagittarius –  The October 30th New Moon is at 8 degrees Scorpio and traveling through your 12th house of hopes and dreams.  It’s a quiet end to the month- an excellent time to tie up loose ends.  The energy of this new moon is tapping you on the shoulder and reminding you that your dreams are a source of knowledge.  So, pay attention to the substance of your dreams – it has rich meaning.  A dream journal could benefit you and be very revealing.  Nov. 25- Dec 4th Sag birthdays are in the “zen” zone!!
Capricorn-  Your sign is known for being all work and very little play.  The October 30th New Moon is got you out on the dance floor enjoying a social whirlwind of activities.  Travel and friends are accenting your lifestyle right now.  Kick up your heals Dec. 25Jan. 4th birthday people – everyone will be calling you “social butterfly” during the next 2 weeks.  This new moon comes over the weekend just in time when many people will be giving Halloween parties, and you must go.
Aquarius –  Your career is all lit up with the October 30th New Moon.  You will need to be ready to roll on professional opportunities just after that new moon appears, for they are likely to arise. January 25 – February 4th birthdays are really feeling the strong vibe coming your way and will be enjoying the accolades you so rightly deserve.
Pisces –  This new moon is in Scorpio with a direct signal from Neptune, indicating a wonderful time to go to a Halloween party or to give one. Travel, spirituality and higher learning are accented. ! All conditions are right for artistic expressions to bloom in a big way – perfect for you dear Pisces, you are a natural artist.  February 25- March 5th birthdays get maximum enjoyment. .
Aries- The Oct. 30th New Moon is traveling through your 8th House of  other people’s money, ruling commissions, bonus, royalties, investments, inheritance, and other monies that come to you from an outside source.  This is the area that will be glowing for you at month’s end.  March 25 – April 5th birthday rams feel the energy from this most generously.
Taurus – The New Moon, in Scorpio, 8 degrees, will appear on October 30, in your opposite sign of Scorpio. This new moon will open opportunity for commitment.  Engagements and marriages are beautifully aspected at this time.  Partnerships of any kind is likely being the highlight of your upcoming week.  Collaboration is a real winner.  April 23 – May 4th Taurus born are loving this energy.
Gemini – The new moon of October 30 falls in Scorpio, 8 degrees, and will light your sixth house of fitness and health. You may want to join a gym, and if so, it’s a great idea.. Or, sign up to take lessons that increase your physical stamina and strength.  You may want to schedule your annual physical exam. Those of you will benefit in the work arena – you feel valued and in demand!   May 25 – June 4th twins have the green light.
Cancer –  If you are single and looking for true, long-term love, the new moon of October 29 in Scorpio, 8 degrees, will bring a sweet turn of events. It will light up your house of romance, children, and creativity.  Opportunity comes your way.  Those of you that are already attached, it’s time to have more fun. June 24- July 4th birthdays are loving this.
Leo  –   Your home and family are highlighted during this Oct. 30th New Moon.  You aren’t the usual stay at home type but my interpretation is that you want your family around you wherever you go during the next week.  July 25- Aug. 4th Lions are especially enjoying the close connections with those you love.
Virgo –  You are a natural communicator Virgo and the Oct. 30th New Moon is blessing your abilities to speak and write.  So, get right to it.  If you thought about starting a new blog or writing a column that promotes your company or business, it is the most opportune time for this.  August 25 – Sept. 4thbirthdays start to see how this theme plays out.
Libra –  You like money just as much as the next person but this New Moon gets you closer to calling the shots when it comes to being more in control of your money.  If you are trying to sell things that you creatively made your chances are much greater now.  It is an excellent time to ask the boss for a raise.  Sept. 25- Oct. 4th Libras can pass the “collection plate” and count on it over flowing with Hamilton’s

Keep reaching for the Stars!!

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