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Woman In the Moon Astrology: Full Moon Nov. 14

This November 14th Full Moon is in Taurus 23 degrees.  It ironically is coming on the heals of a divisive election this week.  This Full Moon offers us new opportunities to see things in a new light, guiding us towards integration, rather than polarization and division. At this Full Moon, you may feel like you opened the window of your mind, took off the shutters, and let in fresh air and sunshine.

It’s the 3rd of 4 Super Moons in a row where the moon is at perigee – the closest to earth- intensifying the tugs on the tides, tectonic plates and our brains! Be sure to read both your sun sign and rising sign.
ARIES    The full moon will be traveling through your 2nd house of money and material resources.  Around this time you will be concluding decisions, actions, and talks about your salary or savings.  If you are involved with the arts, you will do especially well at the time of this full moon because Neptune, planet of the arts and creativity, will beam strong, supportive energy to this full moon.  You are very creative when it comes to money – how to use it/how to spend it/grow it!  April 11-20th  birthday Rams are soaking up the rays of this moon!!
TAURUS    The full moon on November 14 is in your sign Taurus, so it will mark a time when something of enormous importance will be reaching fruition.  When a full moon is in your 1st house, the house of “self” , you become impacted in a very definite way.  It is also affecting your travel – near and far.  Any of you who have a case ongoing in the courts will most likely see a grand conclusion now. Taurus is a financial sign, so you may conclude a deal or other money matters.   All Taureans are experiencing relationships clearly and becoming certain about what you need to do next.  Clarity is your middle name.  May 11-20th Bulls know about this strong vibe the most.

GEMINI   You might need to lay low for a couple of day – sleeping and eating well is of great importance.  Your energy level is most likely lower than usual.  Use up those “use them or lose them” days off from work.   If you need surgery, you can do so within four days AFTER the full moon arrives.  It is also a time where you feel like hibernating and will benefit from keeping a low profile.  Your intuition is keen and you may be picking up on other people’s mood and motives. Secrets come to light now, even ones that you were keeping from yourself.  June 11 – 19th Twins can benefit most from keeping life simple.

CANCER     The full moon will certainly make parties and gatherings exciting.  Drama in your social life is certain.  There is a friendly feeling to this full moon, as it affects your seventh house of partnerships so you won’t likely be going alone.   Full moons can be emotional, but they also push us to face the facts and see things from a new perspective. Friends you’ve had for many years could fall out of favor with you.  A friendship seems to have run its course and is coming to an end – it happens.  July 11 – 20th will know what this feels like.
LEO   At the full moon, November 14,  your career will likely be the topic of your conversation.  Good news and great activity surround your career at this time.  It’s a pivotal time for you as work related activities become part of the spotlight.  It’s a friendly moon, dear Leo, you’ll receive support for making your goals within very close reach.  This could be the point when VIPs will notice you for past efforts. Expect the best – especially those born August 11-19th.
VIRGO  The Full Moon of November 14 will be in Taurus and you will see an emphasis on travel.   There is a restless itch that will be scratched by the travel bug once you pay attention to it.  Book that January trip or enjoy a long weekend. Because full moons bring closure, you may be returning from a distant, possibly foreign trip at this time. Alternatively, you may be working with executives abroad but without leaving home base-  you’ll enjoy the perspective of other people’s view of the project.  . You have been following a routine for a long time, so this month, you appear to be off your routine and enjoying every minute of the change. Some of you are focused on an educational goal. September 11-20th birthdays know.
LIBRA    It appears that the money management you were tending to in the first two weeks of November will be finished by the full moon of November 14. This month’s full moon will appear in Taurus 23 degrees and light your house of other people’s money. You may be paying bills and putting down deposits, but you seem to be receiving good news about money you need too, such as, student loans, child support, an insurance payout, mortgage or refinanced mortgage approval, inheritance, bonus, commission.  This full moon might find you looking at quite a bit of money.   October 11-20th Libras will feel this full moon vibe strongly.
SCORPIO    By the full moon of November 14th you will change something you view about your partner – whether that person is tied to you in love or in business.   Pluto is in your third house of communications and this house rules contracts and negotiation, and also includes any written documents. This planet puts an emphasis on writing for any purpose, including social media, and also covers the spoken word. You might be working on an advertising campaign or PR.  You shine in these areas- you are hot!.  You may sign a contract and it could work out to be quite lucrative.  November 10-20th Scorpios are firing on all cylinders!
SAGITTARIUS    A major work project is coming to a finish within days of the full moon, November 14. This full moon is friendly, and will be in Taurus. The planet Pluto is in touch with this moon and is a hugely powerful planet to have on your side. Now residing in your second house of income, it appears the project you finish up at this time will be very profitable. It won’t necessarily bring you fame and honors but will add to your body of work and your overall performance.  December 11-20th know what I’m talking about!
CAPRICORN   The full moon November 14 will continue the very social mood that you’ll be in, but this time, the full moon can bring an experience that will be romantic. The 5th house of true love is accented.  A certain relationship is coming to a culmination, and it might just be that you and your partner are ready to go to the new level.  This full moon signals a time of permanence.  If you are already married or in a long-term established relationship, you may decide to spend more time together and to give each other the gift of your undivided attention.  In some way you will experience a renewal and for some a transformation of your emotional life.  Single?  You may meet a person that you are smitten with on this fantastic full moon. January 11-18 birthdays are on the receiving end of something special.AQUARIUS   You are not known as a big homebody but this Full Moon is accenting all things family and home life. It is a special time where seeking the company of family is warm and inviting to you.  You may be bringing a home renovation to an end or you may have gone away someplace special for this long holiday weekend.  Either way, this is a memorable time for you.  February 11-18th birthdays are basking in the sun of good feelings.

PISCES   The full moon of November 14 in Taurus will likely find you finishing a writing project or being asked to speak on a topic of your expertise. Maybe you finally finish your book or you came to the end of your own “campaign.”  You may be involved in an advertising, publicity or marketing plan. If you have designed a new website or app, it will be ready to show to the world by the end of November.  March 11-18th fishes are happy about what’s coming down the pike!!

Keep reaching for the Stars!!

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