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Woman In The Moon Astrology: New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moons are all about new beginnings for everyone. It is the best place to put forth our intentions and await the blessings that follow. Not all New Moons are created equal and this one has a positive vibe with a little twist that makes the next two weeks a little problematic for some signs.  Sagittarius is a fire sign and so this moon has a brilliant warmth all its’ own.  Neptune gets into the mix of this moon and not everyone is seeing clearly as they come out of the starting gate.  Keeping your eyes and ears open is beneficial.

SAGITTARIUS ~ If your birthday falls on November 29th, plus or minus five days, or if you have Sagittarius or Gemini rising close to 8 degrees,  this new moon will speak to you in a very direct way – and you will benefit. (Just watch what I wrote about Neptune!)  Romantically, if you are single you’ve been enjoying the month of November the most.   Attached Sag’s are feeling like they have a tiger in their tank but this lends itself to work opportunities as well.  You are being offered more money too – it’s not huge but it buys the baby new shoes!!

CAPRICORN ~  By the time you get to the new moon of November 29, you will have been socializing quite a bit and by late month will be in need of rest. There is a comfort and recovery of sorts that is taking place right now. Neptune comes into play with this moon and it has you thinking about volunteering your time and talents.  You are doing much of this work behind the scenes and benefit from the solitude.   December 24Jan. 5th birthdays are enjoying the accolades right now. If you can hold off on showing the world what you developed or created all the better -around the Dec. 28th New Moon is beauty.

AQUARIUS ~  the 11th house of friends is highlighted for you during the 2 weeks after the new moon.  If you are thinking of lending money out to friends – think again.  A friend needs your help but unless you know that it won’t ruin the relationship . . . do your homework.  January 24- February 3rdbirthdays know this in a up close and personal way.

PISCES ~  This New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29th is hard for you to navigate.  Your ruler, Neptune is in a tension aspect to the moon and it looks like factual information will find a way of coming out into the open during the next 2 weeks. Because this is affecting your 10th house of careers it will be affecting you and the people you work with.  Going with the notion that the truth is always the best platform to work from just make sure that those on your team are clear and agree with your direction.  February 24 – March 3rd birthdays may want to jump on this right away.

ARIES ~   You are probably feeling restless and want to make travel plans.  More travel will likely come up for you at the new moon in Sagittarius as it cruises through the ninth house of long-distance travel.  You seem to have a professional purpose to your travels and fair better if you aren’t alone – 2 heads are better than one.  Good fortune is also along for the ride this time.  March 25- April 2nd Rams are whistling a happy tune as we go into December!
TAURUS ~  Your health is accented during this New Moon. Venus will conjoin Pluto, a very robust aspect that might bolster your health.  Jupiter is so well angled to that new moon but Neptune could give you problems with a certain medicine that doesn’t agree with you.  There is confusion when it comes to others and money.  You might be expecting a loan to come through for you on a certain date and the date has to change.  April 23 – May 1st Bulls will feel this message on a stronger level. 
GEMINI ~    The New Moon in Sag. will fall in your seventh house of marriage and business partnerships, but the chances for you not to be fully clear about what you are entering into will be strong. In order to make things work, you will have to be very realistic and practical going into all of your communications  Be sure to have Plan B in place just in case.  May 24- June 1birthday Twins will forge ahead and be successful

CANCER ~   The November 29th New Moon will find you focused on health and fitness. With Saturn in your sixth house of health you are getting a double dose of self-discipline to follow a fitness and nutritional routine successfully. Start at the new moon and you will begin the year in better shape than when you started 2016. June 24-July 1st birthdays have got a leg up on everyone else. Don’t be surprised if new business comes flying in the door.  I know you are ready!!                                                                                                    

LEO ~  It’s almost as if Christmas is coming early for you with romance and fun being a wonderful focus after the new moon arrives, November 29 and continuing for two weeks. Mars will be perfectly angled to this new moon, so you are action oriented right now.   You may not want to mix romance and finances for the next month- misunderstandings have a way of showing up right now.  K-I-S!!
VIRGO  ~  Your home and family is where your attention is after the new moon of November 29 in Sagittarius.   Most new moons bring opportunity, but this one also brings a problem with water at your house.  Lucky for you there is a positive twist . This new moon is in good aspects to your money house and it’s delightful!  There could be a hurdle or delay in getting to more money in your paycheck but it’s only temporary.  August 24- September 1stbirthdays like the level of positivity that this brings.
LIBRA ~  Communications – writing and speaking is accented for the 2 weeks following the November 29th New Moon.  You are a fair minded person and you will have to flex your mediator muscle to get all parties to agree at this time.  All paths lead to the same place in your mind – a harmonious meeting of the minds.  You’ve got this, Libra – enjoy what you do best!  September 24- October 1st birthdays have that savior-faire about them.
SCORPIO ~  You are going to like this New Moon as it travels through your 2nd house of MONEY!   When it comes to the creative part of your work you may find that your efforts to impress your client may have “Do-Over” stamped on page 1 of what you submit to them.  It’s OK.  You tweek it- they love it- everybody wins!   The end result is extra moolah in your pocket.   You have extra help with expanding your bank account in the next 2 weeks –   the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn all in Sag are seeing to it!  October 24-November 1st Scorpios in particular are firing on all cylinders

Keep reaching for the Stars!!

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