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Letter to the Editor: Don’t Believe Developers

This is an open request to the Towns of Milton, Malta and Ballston. STOP believing developers!

No matter where you drive these days you see multi-level apartment buildings, vacant ones at that, in every town. And although these towns have empty housing and even emptier retail space, they approve more building, just to please the developers.

Let’s give them a PUDD [planned unit development district]. Then they can avoid taxes, make homeowners pay for the needed improvements and collect their checks. So what if the places remain empty? (Route 9 in Malta comes to mind) The developer has long been paid.

Please make developers prove the need for their buildings. Have you ever seen seniors clamoring for more housing at any of your town meetings? How about small retailers who just need a little space? So if there is no demand why are you still building? Realize that they don’t need financial inducements to destroy your rural town, but will try anything to get them. They may even threaten not to fund your next election.

Polly Windels


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