Speak Up & Speak Out on Dec. 29, 2016

There needs to be some awareness and corrections on the part of the Ballston Spa School District to make the entry to the Senior Parking Lot safer. Currently the entrance nearest Ballston Avenue on the southern part of campus is far too narrow to accommodate traffic both inbound and outbound. This is causing delays and safety concerns as drivers stop suddenly for fear of striking other vehicles. With many of the drivers being significantly inexperienced and only adding to the stop and go traffic that often backs up for significant amounts of time. A possible solution would be to add an outbound lane at the bottom of the lot and keep the top lane as the inbound only.

What is the law for parking in the village and why is it not enforced? People leave cars for days with snow banks around them makes it hard to maneuver around them. It’s been this way for years every year same thing.

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