Speak Up & Speak Out: January 5, 2017

Why do we have multiple youth football and basketball programs in our community that essentially split our talent pool in half and cause us to have competition and consistently losing programs? Why have the school athletic programs not attempted to consolidate these into one program to help build our community?

There are several roads in the village that have parking restrictions during the winter. But the village is not issueing tickets and the roads are horrible. Many allow only one car to pass. Why use the money to put up signs if you are not going to back it up? This is a safety issue.

What is the proper turning procedure at the four way stop sign at Malta Avenue and Hyde Blvd? I have always assumed that it is like other four way stops where a car that is turning left (with blinker on) is able to complete their turn before the car coming from the opposite direction moves. However, this procedure rarely is followed at this intersection and frequently the oncoming car moves forward, forcing the turning car to stop in the middle of the intersection and wait. (This is most often the case for cars coming from the Rt 9 end of Malta ave and trying to turn left on to Hyde Blvd, being cut off by eastbound cars on Malta Ave.) No one who goes through here seems to know or agree. I have seen so many near-misses and it has probably caused some fender benders too. It seems to be complicated by the slightly offset position of the intersection and apparently that is why everyone is confused. Can anything be done? Should “all way” signs be added below the stop signs? Can a village police officer be asked about proper procedure and offer input in a future article?

I would like to know why the Ballston Spa High School is getting a “coffee shop”? I do not understand why high school kids need coffee at the ready. It does not seem right to be on a caffeine high all day. Will there be a limit on how many cups a day? When are they allowed to go? Who’s paying for this? Who’s running the coffee shop?

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