Stand Up & Speak Out: January 19, 2017

If the Village of Ballston Spa and the local merchants want us to “shop local” in the winter months, they need to make sure the sidewalks and curbs clear of ice and snow. Whiledriving downtown, you can see snow and ice in front of some businesses, but completely cleared in other spots. Also, in some spots downtown, the sidewalks are clear, but the curbs are so icy that you can not even get to the sidewalk. This is completely unsafe. Who is responsible for this?

After reading the articles about the possible contamination of the ground water on the property of the Rickett’s Dry Cleaning, I would like to know what is being done about the building?  It is such an eye sore for our town, and provided the tests for the ground water come back negative, I would like to know what the plans are for the building. How long will the owners just leave it the way it is? If the building is to be torn down, how would this impact the taxpayers? I read a FB comment that suggested the taxpayers may have to pay for it, along with the town, if it is to be torn down. The owners should be 100% responsible, and no one else!


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