Malta Councilman Peter Klotz. (Photo courtesy Town of Malta)

St. Peter’s Celebrates 25th Anniversary

MALTA – St. Peter Lutheran Church celebrated a quarter century this weekend.

St. Peter’s, located at 2776 Route 9, celebrated 25 years of ministry on Sunday, Jan. 29. Bishop John Macholz of the Upstate New York Synod and representatives from of other congregations were present for the 10:30 a.m. worship celebration.

“Like many congregations, attendance has grown and declined, but the church has remained active in the community”, said Pastor Peter Klotz.

“The challenge is always to see how our God given gifts fit with the needs of those around us,” Klotz said in a statement. “When we had lots of kids we focused a lot on Sunday school”.

Malta Councilman Peter Klotz. (Photo courtesy Town of Malta)

St. Peter’s Church Pastor Peter Klotz

“Now that our participants are a bit older, we concentrate more on ways we can work with other local helping organizations, like the Veterans Shelters, food pantries, the regional food bank and helping local families at holiday times as well as contributing to national and international projects and ministries.”

Local efforts to establish the congregation in Malta began in 1988 with Klotz. Worship began in 1989 and the congregation was chartered as an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 1991. That same year is its first building was completed at its Route 9 site across from the Malta Drive-In.

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