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Woman In The Moon Astrology: Double Dose of Positivity

Here we are on the eve of one of our delightful Full Moons.  We all get a double dose of positivity because it is a Full Moon-Eclipse and the aspects are golden for us all.  Friday, Feb. 10 is when it is at its fullest.  Can you imagine if those of us in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut who got socked with snow have clear nighttime skies for the weekend?  The illumination from the Full Moon will cause a beautiful, mystical glow for many of us to enjoy!!

Eclipses force us to move forward and Full Moons bring an ending or culmination to some situation in your life. Most eclipses set up challenges, for their job is to push us forward and to shake us out of routine. This eclipse is a peach!!  When we get both at the same time,  you might feel as though time is moving at a faster pace because the Feb. 10 eclipse is in Leo. Leo is a fire sign and the activity level is cranked right up.  Plan a party, go out dancing, etc. — you will feel like being especially social!!   I am eager to explain just how positively it will effect each of us.  Those of you who are a part of the Fire and Air element will find this energy most advantageous.  The planets Uranus and Mars (fire) will see to it that happy surprises and a surge in energy is certain.  Jupiter gets into the act as it’s traveling through Libra (air sign).  What a trio of planets looking to deliver good fortune.  This time I will label each sign as fire and air so you can anticipate these blessings.  I’d enjoy hearing about what exactly takes place during this Full Moon!

Read your sun sign as well as your rising (ascendant- AC) sign.   It’s on your chart!!

Happy Moon & Stargazing~  Jane

ARIES – (fire) Leading the fire sign brigade is Aries.  This will be a very big, bright happy month for you and it may even mark a turning point in your personal life. Let’s first talk about the opportunities to grow your sphere of influence through friendships and business contacts.  Venus moved into Aries on Feb. 3 to stay until June 6.   This will set you up to be everyone’s sweetheart for these months — most strong in February and May!

Your big days are Feb. 10- 16 with the accent on the 10th when the full moon lunar eclipse in Leo, 23 degrees, lighting your fifth house of true love, fun with children, opportunity for pregnancy and great creativity. This full moon eclipse will be a pleasure especially for  April 12-20 Rams!

TAURUS – A big moment will arrive at the full moon lunar eclipse in Leo, Feb. 10 in Leo lighting your fourth house of home and family. Something is coming to culmination involving your home or concerning your care or relationship with a family member. You may move, be ready to sign a lease on a new apartment or vacation home, finish up a repair or fix-it project or see any other type of creative work to your living space. Your family is in the spotlight at this time and you may need to be on call. I have a dear, Taurus friend who is having back surgery next week and because he is a Taurus (with a Leo Moon), Jupiter (blessings) is lighting up his 6th House of health, his results and healing time should be excellent.  “A time for every purpose under heaven.” Those of you born May 11-20 will benefit strongly and have earned the kudos coming your way!

GEMINI – (air) You are going to love Feb. 10 when the full moon lunar eclipse will occur in Leo at 23 degrees. This eclipse will light your third house of writing, speaking, and travel, and is one of the sweetest eclipses that we have seen in ages.  Expect good news to come your way.

Whatever you are doing around the week of Feb. 10 it seems to be quite important to your future. Leo is the sign of entertainment, so those of you in sales, media, promotions or entertainment will be helped in a big way by this eclipse too.  Because this eclipse is so beautifully angled, I feel you will see a generous sum of money as a result from all that you do at this time.  June 10 – 20. Twins are dazzling communicators right now!

CANCER – Your second house of income and material possessions is being highlighted. That house will light up as a result of the Feb. 10 full moon lunar eclipse in Leo, 23 degrees.  You may be seeing a major change in the source of your income.  If you work for others, for example, you may have already changed jobs recently and will now see your first paycheck near February 10. If you are self-employed, you may now bring in a new client who will supplement your income in a substantial way. No doubt about it, this month will put a strong emphasis on your finances.  Those of you with birthdays from July 11-22 will have a lot to be thankful for!

LEO – (fire) You will have a real spring in your step at this time.  The Full Moon is in your sign, dear Leo.  This almost assures you that you will have one or more new elements coming into your life, and that your lifestyle will evolve now. No more humdrum days – things will start to move for you now.  It seems like a moment of truth for you —  you even see yourself in a new light.  Your timing to act on this beautiful energy is right now and the people, places and things are on your path handing you the silver platter!!

I particularly like your prospects in love, for Venus will be in fire-sign Aries for months, an ideal place for you to find love or encourage the present love you share to grow. All of life and love is looking good especially for August 11-20 Lions!!

VIRGO – The full moon lunar eclipse will appear in Leo and will highlight things that are not seen or kept in secret. You may hear of a secret someone has tried to keep from you, and if you learn of it, it will happen quite off-handedly, perhaps by accident.   It is a secret with a positive outcome. This eclipse is highly favorable for everyone, for a golden triangle will appear in the sky at this time.  It also involves your 2nd house of money and should have more to do with another persons money or a third-party source that somehow involves you.  Sept. 11-20 Virgos will be on the receiving end of this theme in a big way.

 LIBRA – (air) This is a very special lunar eclipse in Leo. This moon is accenting your house of friendship.  It also brings clubs, groups and organizations into view.  You will see that as you open yourself up to new people, personal growth takes hold and it is to your liking.

This month, a friend may go out of his or her way for you, or you may make the acquaintance of someone you like who will later become an important new friend to you. You may join a club, professional or social in nature, and find later it was the best decision you ever made.  Oct. 12-22 Libras will quickly see the opportunity that brings about hope!

 SCORPIO – Your focus will suddenly shift to your career at the February 10 full moon in Leo, a beautiful new moon that will shine a bright light on you and bring praise for all you have accomplished professionally over recent years.  It’s a time when a new important project comes your way.  You will be recognized publicly for your work!   It will be super-powerful and might bring an offer for a new position or herald the arrival of a new important project. It looks like you will take on more responsibility in your present job or to have the chance to get a new position and title. Or, if you are self-employed, you may receive outstanding publicity for work well done, and that publicity can help you bring in more clients, many of them prestigious.

I can’t remember seeing anything this good in years for you.  A golden triangle will appear in the heavens, linking Saturn (your salary), Uranus (surprise assignment or client), and the lunar eclipse in Leo (praise and an elevated profile in your career).   Even if you don’t actually get the promotion and major increase in money coming in the door during February – you WILL get it – be optimistic. 2017 is Your Year, Scorpio, when it comes to the career arena!!   Your fairy godmother says, you are on an accelerated path.  The more creative you are the better off you are.   Nov. 10-22 Scorpios can feel the opportunity coming their way!!

SAGITTARIUS   – (fire) The full moon lunar eclipse in Leo 23 degrees on Feb. 10 has your name on it!! This eclipse is the most helpful eclipse that I have ever seen. This eclipse may send you quite far, possibly on a very exciting trip.

Anything that happens on or very close to eclipse time usually has great importance, so if you do travel on or near Feb. 10, for any reason, it seems to be a landmark trip that you will long remember and that might change your life in some way, possibly through the new perspective you receive. Whatever the reason for those of you who are traveling around this time just know that your hopes and dreams come so much closer in to your view!!  Dec.11-20 birthdays will feel the warmth of this celestial lineup!!

CAPRICORN – The Full Moon of Feb. 10 is a full moon meant to crystallize a financial situation that will emphasize your eighth house of other people’s money. This eclipse will be outstandingly positive for you and may leave you breathless. Eclipses bring on sudden news, often out of the blue, and they speed up timetables dramatically. The eighth house includes large funding that is usually beyond the average person’s resources, so funds are sought to fulfill a dream, such as to go to college or to buy a house.

This eclipse may just be something that is not in your field of vision now but will be very soon.   Because Leo is the zodiac sign of great creativity in can bring in the possibility that you will sell something artistic that you have created – music you composed, a photographic body of work or a portfolio of beautiful illustrations.  Those of you with Jan. 11-20 birthdays will most likely see and feel the force of this energy first!

AQUARIUS  – The Leo Full Moon of Feb.10 in your house of marriage and partnership is filled with beautiful possibilities. There are several ways this can play out.  Engagement, falling in love & marriage are a distinct possibility for many of you Aquarians.  Eclipses have a way of pushing us forward and moving up timetables, so ready or not, it may be happening.  Some kind of outside event may be coming into your life and be giving you that reason to get married.  Those of you in existing relationships would feel positively towards your mate due to the optimistic energy this Full Moon brings.  Feb. 11-20 Waterbearers are loving this boost in energy – much needed!!

PISCES – The full moon lunar eclipse on Feb. 10 in Leo will find you in the thick of a project.  This project most likely is coming to fruition and your hard work is paying off!!  This endeavor holds special importance and will end in a grand finish.  Eclipses point us to the direction we will take in the future.  This full moon lunar eclipse is remarkably sweet.  The theme for you is Jupiter(other peoples money) Saturn (career and reputation) and Uranus (your pay grade).  All this will be affected in the coming week and it all good news!  Dear Pisces, you have been enrolled in the career classroom of “hard knocks” for the last 2 years and it has just started getting progressively getting better.  Friday, the 10th will set the career stage for you and be an indication of things to come.  Use those intuitive antennae of yours to get some clues!  March 11-20th fish are swim in lovely waters!!

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