Letter to the Editor: Village Candidates Bring New Ideas, Energy

I am writing to express my strong support for the candidates Noah Shaw and Shawn Raymond, who are running for the two open Trustee seats on the Ballston Spa Village Board.  They will bring new ideas, energy, and transparency to Village government.

Most importantly, they will be stalwart advocates for the Village.  I saw firsthand how they applied themselves intelligently and with great zeal to the promotion of locally-owned businesses, traffic calming, pedestrian safety, and other quality of life issues threatened by big box development.  The Village Trustees at the time, by contrast, were utterly silent.

Mr. Shaw and Mr. Raymond bring more than their backbones to this job however.  Mr. Shaw is a lawyer and Mr. Raymond is a civil engineer, and both have decades of experience working in organizations addressing complex government challenges that require collaboration and public service expertise.

Furthermore Mr. Shaw and Mr. Raymond are spot-on in their desire to increase the Village government’s transparency and engagement with the community it serves.  The Village web site, for example, did not exist until 2014, and still does not include contact information for each Trustee, almost no Board meeting minutes, almost no information on budgets, meeting agendas, finances, contracts, taxes and fees, or expenditures.  Nor does it include information on upcoming Village elections.

We can look with hope on a new age of citizen engagement with the election of Mr. Shaw and Mr. Raymond.  Now Village residents have a choice. I urge you to vote for Shaw and Raymond on March 21.

Ben Baskin
Ballston Spa


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