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Woman in the Moon: New Opportunities for Integration

This Full Moon of March 12 offers us new opportunities to see things in a new light, guiding us towards integration, rather than polarization and division.

It’s always about things coming to fruition and letting go. At this Full Moon, you may feel like you opened the window of your mind, took off the shutters, and let in fresh air and sunshine. Be sure to read both your sun sign and rising sign.

ARIES – The full moon n Virgo is traveling through your 6th House of Health. This is a time when starting on that new fitness regimen gets off to a good start. Doctors appointments that were put on the back burner could be given a priority in your life.  Mars is no longer in Aries as of the 10, so your sense of urgency starts to wain and you go into a chill out mode. April 8 to April 16 rams feel this strength of this vibration the most.

TAURUS – The fact that you are an earth sign Taurus, puts you at a great advantage during the March 12 full moon in Virgo because you are fellow earth signs. The compatibility is immense and you find yourself romantically charged during this lunar vibration.  There is a special something in the air for you with its own beautiful energy attached. There is a more social and playful you emerging in the last couple of days. If your birthday is between May 9 and May 15 you feel positive that the next 5 days ahead will be easy sailing.

GEMINI – This full moon of March 12th finds you putting the finishing touches on a home project.  Home and family are on your mind right now, with particular energies being focused on your mother or mother figure. Whatever is in the forefront of your mind, you will find it winding down during the next week ahead. If you are born between June 8 June 16 you will appreciate that your energies were well placed here and be proud of a job well done.

 CANCER – The full moon in Virgo will also emphasize short travel trips. You are all about communicating effectively to those people in the business arena because you want to wrap up this task and not have to revisit it again. Crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s will be high on your priority list. If you have a July 5 to July 14 birthday you may want to have some support from a partner that waits in the wings if need be!

LEO – You enjoy your money, Leo, and this full moon in Virgo on the 12th will help you finalize a financial agreement.The emphasis is on striking up a balance and making this a win-win for everyone. You’ve got the energy to press forward and bring this to a meaningful fruition for yourself and others.  Aug. 9 to Aug. 16 Lions are brave and daring.

VIRGO – The full moon is in your sign dear Virgo.  In addition, Saturn (in Sagittarius) is making a tense aspect to this Moon in Virgo. The theme is about real estate owned and family relationships and it definitely has your attention! Those of you born Sept. 10 to Sept. 18 are in the thick of it.  There is a romantic element that moves you to make a decision.

LIBRA – Something is brewing behind the scenes and this full moon has a chance of bringing any secret into the light. It’s a much quieter few days than what you are used to.  Libra’s born between Oct. 9 to Oct. 18 may enjoy the quiet of working alone.

 SCORPIO –  This weekend has been a popular time where many invitations to party and be festive have come your way.  This full moon of March 12 will find you digging into your wallet for extra funds to pay for these fun times.  Your beer pocketbook can’t do the champagne socializing and you’ll have to come to grips with it.  That membership to join a club, organization or seminar has you wondering if it is worth it. Nov. 9 to Nov. 18 birthdays really know what I’m talking about.

 SAGITTARIUS –  These few days surrounding the March 12 full moon find you focused on your career. Whatever is happening, all signs point to either gaining higher ground in status through a new position or being recognized for the work you currently are presenting for all to see.  You should have extra income due to what is happening at this time.  Dec. 9 to Dec. 18 birthday Sag’s are feeling very hopeful that the hard work is paying off!!

CAPRICORN – Traveling long and far has never been your thing but this full moon of March 12th has you making your calendar and chart the best route for you to take.  There is something at the end of this rainbow ride for you and it could be the end of extended travel in the future.  January 10-19th born Cap’s know that something is coming to an end.  Keep your eyes and ears open for other doors of opportunity that are within an arm’s reach.

AQUARIUS – I think that, for the most part, you are going to like what is coming down the financial pike this month.​ Money is really nothing more than stored energy. You are paid for work you do and it translates into cash, and how you direct that cash says a great deal about what is most important to you. This full moon of March 12 may bring money in and see it go out. You may have a large bill to pay, but it also seems possible that you will be receiving a large sum too. February 9 to Feb. 19 waterbearers are dealing with larger $$ numbers the most.

PISCES – This March 12th full moon is a mixed bag. You are grappling with a certain relationship and it seems that a communications breakthrough is very possible.  Emotions are strong at this time but are positive too. Because full moons bring energies to a completed finish you may be closing one door of possibility but opening another one.  Let go and “Let It Be,” as Paul McCartney sang.  Birthday Fish from March 10 to March 19 have the most to gain by adopting a easy way of thinking!!

Keep Reaching for the Stars!!

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