Letter to the Editor: Strength and Vitality of the Village is real

I’ve been honored to serve as Mayor of the Village of Ballston Spa since 1995 and humbled by our residents’ support.  I am also proud of the successes of our Board of Trustees, with countless problems solved, infrastructure repaired and replaced, exciting family-friendly events created, and vibrant growth promoted in our downtown business district.

Last year, I appointed Ron Henry to fill a Board opening; he has done a phenomenal job, taking an active role in the Village’s operations since Day 1.  Ron deserves election to a full term on March 21st.  In addition, Bruce Couture, who served on Milton’s Town Board, left that position to work with us to help the Village.  Bruce’s long affiliation with the area and history of public service make him tremendously qualified as a Trustee.  And I’d be remiss if I did not support Village Justice Michael Morrissey in his re-election bid.  I appointed Judge Morrissey in 2014, and voters quickly embraced his fairness and abilities on the bench by electing him soon after.  During his term, he’s grown even further and deserves re-election.

I’ve been disappointed as I’ve read through some of the opposition’s claims lately.  They claim we have not worked hard enough to inform residents of Village news, ignoring our efforts to bring Board meetings to local neighborhoods in the summers and to knock on doors of residents affected by local environmental issues.  They suggest we have ignored the Village’s aging infrastructure, sidewalks, and housing, ignoring the $1 million in sewer and water infrastructure we have invested over six years, the $178,000 in sidewalk repair reimbursements we have paid back to landowners, and the $2.2 million in grants we assisted residents in obtaining for housing improvements.  They point to the need for clean energy usage by the Village, despite the $150,000 grant we obtained, in part, to promote lighting changes in Village departments and to switch to LED street lights, representing $22,000 in savings annually.  They claim they will focus on improving downtown retail opportunities, ignoring the downtown business district’s historic vacancy low created by our incentives and policies.  They suggest we need to improve walkability and recreation opportunities for young and old alike, ignoring our work with the Lions Club to improve the Old Iron Spring and Tedisco Trail, and the nearly $800,000 the Board has contributed to the Ballston Area Recreation Commission, Ballston Area Community Center, and Ballston Area Senior Citizens during my time as Mayor.

I ask voters to think of the strength and vitality of the Village of Ballston Spa and my team’s involvement in constantly solving problems concerning our residents’ health, safety, and welfare.  Obviously, the Democratic candidates approve of the job we’ve done since their ideas are essentially duplicative of our efforts we’ve already put forth.  Please keep your trust in my team by voting for Ron Henry and Bruce Couture, and ensure the Village Court’s fairness and balance continue by re-electing Judge Morrissey on March 21st.  Thank you.

John Romano
Ballston Spa


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