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Letter to the Editor: Put Me to Work Ballston Spa

Hello, my name is Noah Shaw, and I’m running for Village Trustee here in Ballston Spa.

With Election Day this coming Tuesday, I wanted to say a little about my background and where I stand on Village issues.

I was born in Saratoga Hospital, my parents grew up in Schenectady, and my grandfather was Chair of the Schenectady County Republicans. I grew up in Stony Creek, about 45 minutes north of here. It was just my mom and me – she ran the Stony Creek Inn, went to nursing school at night, worked for years at Four Winds Hospital, and now she lives around the corner from my wife, seven-year-old son and me, here in Ballston Spa. After high school, where I played basketball and football, I went to Boston for college — where I also played basketball — and then law school.

When I finally had the chance to come home after law firm and government jobs in Boston and Washington, D.C., I was thrilled. My wife and I picked Ballston Spa for the reasons you’d expect: close to family and roots; it’s walkable; downtown has so much to offer; wonderful school; and – especially – it’s a “real” place, with soul, as opposed to what some other area towns feel like.

When someone asked me to consider running for Trustee, I decided it was worth a shot. My family and I are invested here for the long run, and I feel like I have something to contribute. As the General Counsel of a nearly $1 billion per year, 350-person organization doing cutting edge energy work, and managing a staff of lawyers, what I do…all day long…is solve complex problems that others haven’t cracked. Now, I am asking you to put me to work doing just that for Ballston Spa.

My proposals fit into three themes:

First, I want the Village government to encourage more transparency and engagement. We need a better website, to get the up-to-date minutes posted, to form issue-specific resident advisory councils, and the Village needs to get on social media. These basic things enable residents to understand what’s happening and to engage – even if they can’t attend Village meetings in person.

Second, we need a long-term plan. This should include not only how we want our Village to look for our kids and grand-kids, but also new zoning proposals, strategies for the village’s properties, infrastructure improvements like sidewalks, and thinking creatively about clean energy.

And third, I want to ensure we are strongly represented regarding the clean-up and redevelopment of Ricketts and the Angelica site. My experience overseeing economic development projects and the state’s only high-level nuclear waste site gives me the ability to help.

Just as importantly, I can commit that if I am elected my highest priority will always be the community of Ballston Spa. I will represent the residents, not a political agenda set by a national party or politician.

I am heartened by the fact that, this time around, we have been engaged – voters have discussed the issues with their friends and neighbors, at coffee shops and kitchen tables. In the last Village election, only 411 voters cast ballots – that’s about 11% of all the Village’s registered voters.

So, we need to make sure folks VOTE!

Election Day is March 21, 11-9 PM. You vote at Union firehouse if you live north of Kayaderosseras Creek; Eagle Matt Lee if you live south of the creek.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions at [email protected], or check me out on Facebook at Noah for the Village.

Noah Shaw
Ballston Spa


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