Village Hall in the Village of Ballston Spa. (Photo courtesy the BSBPA)

Village Budget Preview: Zero Increases in Water/Sewer Rates; Tax Rate Drops

BALLSTON SPA — The 2017-18 budget for the Village has an even percentage of revenue and expenditures and a modest decrease in property taxes proposed.

Full-time, salaried employees will get a 1.5% raise while hourly, seasonal, part-time and temp employees will see an increase of $.10/hour.  Again, there is no increase planned for the Mayor or Village Trustees.

Some of the more specific items of interest:

  • Increase in healthcare costs of 10.23%, just over $47k; employees hired in 2004 and after will still contribute 15-20% to the total, depending on date of hire
  • Decrease in mandatory contributions to the Employee Retirement Fund of 13.82%, a savings of $45k due to the retirement of two officers and other personnel related costs
  • No change to the current water rates which remain lower than most other municipalities in the area
  • No change to the current sewer usage rates
  • Decrease in property tax rates per thousand of $.30 from $81.7120 to $81.4098
  • Increase in fire equipment budget for the fire chief, the fire police and for both Eagle-Matt Lee and Union Firehouses of over $30k

The taxable assessed value of all properties in the village has increased by $60,972.  Mayor John Romano cites two reasons for the upswing:  the transition of the former Maplewood Manor nursing home from Saratoga County run to privately owned, returning the facility to the tax rolls and the implementation over the years of the Village’s Downtown Revitalization Plan.

“Village store front vacancies are at a record low which means our downtown revitalization plan is working,” said Romano.

Village law requires the tentative budget must be filed on or before Mar. 20 of every fiscal year. The budget will be formally presented at the next Village board meeting on Monday, Mar. 27, 7:30 p.m.

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