Letter to the Editor: Ideas, Knowledge and Work Ethic

Please consider voting for Noah Shaw and Shawn Raymond for Village trustee. They have the ideas, knowledge and work ethic needed to improve the quality of life for the residents our beloved Village. If we are going to continue to attracting young families, we need to understand what makes Ballston Spa an attractive option.

My family and I moved to Ballston Spa seven years ago because we saw an opportunity to live in a walkable community surrounded by wonderful neighbors. The most important factor in our decision was the fact that Ballston Spa has sidewalks, interesting businesses downtown and family friendly community activities. We need to elect leaders that understand the importance of preserving and improving the walkability of our Village.

For example, we walk to Kelley Park and/or the Village Pool almost everyday in the summer. The walk to the park and pool should be safe for our kids. Currently, there are no sidewalks linking Ralph St. to the Hyde Blvd/Malta Ave side of the Village (busy intersection). We need leaders that understand what the residents of our Village value.

I believe that Noah and Shawn understand these values. Since we moved to Ballston Spa we have seen home owners tear up existing sidewalks with no repercussions. Again, the sidewalks are our greatest non-human asset. Study after study has shown that young people want to live in walkable communities. We need leaders that understand the importance of protecting our environment and improving the functionality of the Village.

We need new leadership to tackle the problems of vacant buildings and inattentive landlords. We need a comprehensive plan that focuses on community functionality and beautification. The best way to go about bringing about these changes is to elect leaders that believe in transparency and grassroots driven public policy. Noah and Shawn will do a better job of informing the public about Village affairs and listen to the needs of our residents.

I have heard talk about “carpetbaggers” and “outsiders” in this campaign. We voted with our feet and chose to raise our family in Ballston Spa even though we did not grow up here. The act of choosing to live in a community is a powerful one. There is no greater dedication a person can show to a community than choosing to call it home. It is not important where a person was born. What is important is that we have all chosen to live in this great community. I believe that Noah and Shawn love our community and will work hard to improve it.

On March 21st, please consider voting for Noah Shaw and Shawn Raymond for Village Trustee.

Scott Dolan
Ballston Spa


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