Letter to the Editor: Who Will You Trust? Life Long Residents or Newcomers?

As I was driving along Milton Ave and Front Street to work this morning, I felt both a sense of pride in our quaint village and bit of bewilderment having recently read the comments and letters from candidates Shaw, Raymond and Tebbins and their supporters.

You see, I moved to Ballston Spa in 1984 and have worked and lived here more than half my life and have seen firsthand the positive changes that have been made in this beautiful village. In the early 1990’s, long before Mr. Shaw, Mr. Raymond or Ms. Tebbens lived here, Ballston Spa was not so beautiful, empty storefronts were in abundance; there were no flowers hanging from the vintage street lights or surrounding the trees along the village streets. A walk down Milton Ave and Front Street was dismal at best. Few choices were available to dine out or shop in the Village.

Prior to 1995 “free family fun” was to be had elsewhere. Mayor Romano and village officials have worked with the BSBPA and other organizations to sponsor great family events right here in the village; Family Fun Day, Falling Leaves Festival; Winter Fest, Swimming Under the Stars, all great events that I brought my children and now my grandson to.

I have known Justice Mike Morrissey for more than 20 years. A lifelong resident, he has dedicated his entire adult life to serving this community as a 35 year member of Eagle Matt Lee Fire Company serving as Lt., Captain, Asst. Chief, Chief and President. I have served on the Zoning Board of Appeals with both Ron Henry and Bruce Couture and find them both to be fair and professional. In regards to vacant
commercial/industrial sites such as Angelica’s, Tippy Bowl and Rickett’s, I know firsthand as a member of the ZBA that village officials (elected and appointed) have welcomed discussion from developers in regards to redeveloping these sites.

Mike, Ron and Bruce together have resided in Ballston Spa for a combined 98 years and have all shown their dedication and commitment to this community. So who will you trust? What will your choice be? Candidates that have lived and raised their families here or “Newcomers” that offer change?

Are there things in the Village that can be improved on? Sure and there always will be as we as a community are evolving and moving forward. To all you naysayers I have this to say – you want change – I have seen the changes, good changes and that is why I will cast my vote for Morrissey, Henry and Couture, the candidates that are truly invested in this community.

Anna Stanko
Ballston Spa


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