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Letter to the Editor: Love Letter to the Village

I knew from the moment I set eyes on the Village I wanted to settle down here. When I first drove through eight years ago the first thing that caught my eye was Coffee Planet. A real “mom and pop” coffeehouse right in the center of this charming village? Sign me up! I knew I’d be a regular before I even stepped foot in the door. Over the years I’ve worked there for two different periods of time and many of the Villagers I’ve met were customers of mine there.

The day we bought our home we returned from the closing to find the DPW out front of our house with water gushing everywhere. Understandably, I was terrified. They fixed the issue quickly and instead of just leaving when finished, one of the men introduced himself, pointed over to his home across the street, and told us to let him know if we ever needed anything. That’s just not something I had ever experienced living mostly in bigger cities, and it put me right at ease.

In our eight years here my son has marched in countless parades with his 4H club. Our family has dined again and again at our fantastic restaurants. One summer I even had the privilege
of selling my own produce at our farmers’ market and a few local restaurants. I get excited every year to see the Christmas decorations go up on the lampposts. Time and again I feel truly grateful we call this place “home.”

I have to say though, that the last seven weeks while running for office, I realized I love our village more than I thought I could. I met so many new people who were supportive and kind. I made new friends. I feel honored that people opened up their homes for me; that people came out to learn about me and hear what I had to say. I am truly humbled over 300 people chose to cast votes for me.

I want to congratulate Mike Morrissey on his victory to remain our Village Justice. I know he has dedicated a lifetime of service to the village. Anyone who serves as a volunteer firefighter for decades is someone I admire. I saw firsthand through my husband how important our two fire companies are to the safety and tradition of our village. I was happy to get the opportunity to run for the office, but I’m glad it will still be held by someone so deserving of the role.

I believe this election showed Village residents that if they want to get more involved, they should go for it. In this amazing “Village of Friends” people should feel like a friend from the moment they move in. I hope they never feel they don’t have a voice simply because they haven’t lived here for a certain period of years. We are a truly great village and will continue to be even better when we work together.

With love and gratitude,
Erika Tebbens
Ballston Spa


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